Bamboo Design Shower Curtain

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Wouldn’t it be nice if we could hang curtains made of bamboo slats in the shower? As beautiful as it would be, it would not be very practical. But you can still get that same look by hanging a bamboo design shower curtain. It provides touch of nature, while still being practical.
Bamboo Design Shower Curtain:
Bamboo Design Shower Curtain picture
Pictured: Bamboo Shower Curtain by Izola.

Bamboo House Decor Shower Curtain Set By Ambesonne, Zen Circle And Bamboo Silhouette Over Vintage Color Oriental Eastern Patchwork Art Print, Bathroom Accessories, 69W X 70L Inches, Green

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Glass Bottle with Brush Cap

The most common use for bottles with brush caps is for nail polish or for acetone but it has other uses in labs, where it can be used for all sorts of chemicals which need to be applied in small amounts with a brush. Quality brush cap bottles have brushes that don’t fall apart after just a few uses.
Glass Bottle with Brush Cap:

Glass Bottle with Brush Cap pictured: Techni-Tool Bottle Glass W/ Brush Applicator 1/2 oz.

Glass Bottle with Brush Cap: Micro Trader 10X Clear Empty Glass Nail Posh Bottle 5ml Square Shape Refillable Containers

Extra Large Rain Shower Head

If you have ever been at odds about what to get for a house warming gift, an extra large rain shower head may be just what the doctor ordered. They look great and provide a relaxing spray that feels like a light rain shower. Be warned however, for those who like a little more water pressure when showering, a large rain shower head may not be for them.
Extra Large Rain Shower Head:
Extra Large Rain Shower Head - r
Extra Large Rain Shower Head pictured: HotelSpa Large 8 inch Stainless Steel Slimline Square Rainfall Showerhead with Solid Brass Adjustable Extension Arm

Pulsating Shower Head

According to user reviews on, the best pulsating shower head may be the Waterpik SM 623. Featuring a pulsating massage mode as well as 5 other settings, users find it reasonably priced and easy to install. Some found it “revitalizing” and reported relief from muscle aches after using it.
Pulsating Shower Head:

Pulsating Shower Head pictured: Waterpik SM 623 Original 6-Mode Massage Showerhead, Chrome

Bidet Spray Hose

By attaching a bidet spray to an existing toilet, you get all the convenience of a bidet, without the expense of an entire bathroom fixture. You also save on space, which is a real plus in smaller bathrooms. They attach on the side of the tank, and take up very little room.
Bidet Spray Hose:

Bidet Spray Hose pictured: Shattaf-Islamic Bidet Spray – White…W/FLOW CONTROL VALVE by Sani-Spray