Over-the-toilet bathroom etagere

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For smaller bathrooms that need extra storage space, a over-the-toilet bathroom etagere can hold everything from toilet paper rolls to shampoo bottles, soaps, air fresheners and other small toiletry items. The etagere can also be a great place to keep towels handy when needed. Just be sure to anchor the etagere to the wall so that there will be no worry about it tipping over. This can be a concern if your floor or ceiling is not level.
Over-the-toilet bathroom etageres:

Over-the-toilet bathroom etageres pictured:
Left: Zenith Products Spacesaver Hawthorne, heritage bronze
Right: “Cross Style” Metal Spacesaver, 3 Shelf, Satin Nickel by Zenith

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Zebra hand towels

Whether your little ones like Zebras, or you are looking to add an exotic and decorative touch to your bathroom, a set of Zebra print hand towels can make a fun addition to any bathroom decor. Of course, you do not have to stop there. If you love the Zebra print, you can add a set of bath towels and wash clothes that match along with other with bathroom accessories like rinse cups and toothbrush holders.
Zebra hand towels:

Zebra hand towels pictured:
Left: Zebra Print Grey Hand Towel by Bealls
Right: Zebra Print Brown Hand Towel by Bealls

White bathroom storage cabinets

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When looking to add more storage space to your main or guest bathroom, nothing beats a classic white storage cabinet for both looks and functionality. And unless your bathroom decor is ultra modern, the traditional white cabinet should fit nicely with most bathroom decorative themes. Bathroom storage cabinets come in a variety of shapes and sizes and feature either a solid door wood door, or one made of glass with a wood frame. Great for towels, toiletries and other essential bathroom items.
White bathroom storage cabinets:
White bathroom storage cabinets
White bathroom storage cabinets pictured:
Left: Catskill Craftsmen Single Door Kitchen Cabinet, White
Right: Fairmont Media Tower by Southern Enterprises

Of course not everyone has room enough to add any type of furniture to their bathroom.

Double tension curtain rod

A great way to use a double tension curtain rod is in the bathroom. Setup and install the curtain rod as both your shower curtain holder and towel rack. With the double rod configuration, there’s less chance of both towel and shower curtain resting on each other and possibly causing mold and/or mildew. You could also use the second rod as a clothes-line to dry your hand-washed items.
Double tension curtain rod:

Double tension curtain rod pictured: Polder Duo Shower Curtain Rod, White

Bronze shower caddy

Once you step into the shower, you usually don’t want to come out until you’re good and ready. But if you have ever been half way through your washing routine only to realize that what you need is over by the sink or in a cabinet, you know how truly annoying that can be. A shower caddy can help you avoid those untimely annoyances by holding all that you need in one central area for easy access. Shampoo, conditioner, soaps, brushes, combs, louffas, shaving cream and razors, all can be easily accessible with a very simple installation.
Bronze shower caddy:

Bronze shower caddies pictured: Left: InterDesign Cora Shower Caddy, bronze finish / Right: Zenith Products Over the Shower Caddy, Heritage Bronze.