Desk for small room

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If you’re considering adding a desk to a small room, think about what you will need the desk for. If it’s just to place a laptop on or a reading lamp, then you don’t need much in the way of drawer storage or shelves. But if you have a desktop computer system with a tower, monitor and printer, you may need a desk that can handle all those components with storage for printer paper, writable media and more.
Desk for small room:

Desks for small rooms pictured: Left: Furinno 11192EX/BK 99797E Home Computer Desk Writing Table, Espresso Finish / Right: Bush Furniture Myspace Collection Ladder Desk, Classic Black

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Cordless floor lamp

While the notion of a cordless floor lamp may sound like a cool idea, there seems to be an issue with the strength of light provided to read by or to do whatever work needs to be done. That being said, being able to carry the lamp in from one room to another when needed is convenient and of course, when having to deal with a black-out, a cordless floor lamp can come in quite handy. Providing of course that you have the batteries needed to power the lamp.
Cordless floor lamp:

Cordless floor lamp pictured: Trademark Cordless Portable Floor Lamp

Mens duster coat

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Having originated in Australia, duster coats have stood the test of time as a fashionable alternative to the full length trench coat. Made from linen or canvas fabric and treated with oil to be water resistant, the duster coat is associated with rugged, outdoor types like cowboys and ranch hands, but there are also duster coats made for the ladies as well.
Mens duster coat:

Mens duster coat pictured: Men’s Montgomery Lambskin Leather Duster with Cape, dark distressed, by Overland Sheepskin Co.

The lenght of a duster is great for protecting the clothes you are wearing from the elements.

Ladder wall shelf

When you have a room full of CD’s, DVD’s, books, magazines, photo frames and decorative nick-knacks, it can get really cluttered, really fast. A multi-tier ladder wall shelf can help alleviate the mess by providing shelves for storage or display. Various models even have movable shelves along with a center shelf that can act as a make-shift desk for a laptop.
Ladder wall shelf:

Ladder wall shelf pictured: Cappuccino Brown 3-piece Leaning Ladder Bookshelf with Laptop Desk

Wine bottle and glass rack

Even if you have just a few bottles of wine in your collection, you can show them off proudly with a wine bottle and glass rack mounted on your wall. Great for the kitchen, dining room or home bar, a wine rack beautifully displays your taste for the finer things in life and is both a conversation piece and invitation to sit down with a friend and enjoy a nice glass of red or white.
Wine bottle and glass rack:

Wine bottle and glass rack pictured: Oenophilia Wine Bar Rack