Faux Bamboo Curtain Rods

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Some rooms, if they have a tropical theme, are ideal for displaying bamboo furniture and exotic prints and patterns. Bamboo has a beautiful natural look, and its rod-like shape would seem to make it an ideal choice for hanging curtains on. However, real bamboo tends to split easily, so unless your curtains are made of especially light fabric, you may want to go with faux-bamboo curtain rods. You get the look you want with added durability.
Faux Bamboo Curtain Rods:

Faux Bamboo Curtain Rod pictured: Rod and Hook Set by Elegant Home Fashions

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Bamboo Media Console

The look of bamboo is becoming quite a trend in the world of furniture design, and it is easy to see why. Bamboo has a beautiful natural tone that is neither too fancy, nor too commonplace. A bamboo media console is a great way to integrate this beauty into a room while still being a functional piece of furniture.
Bamboo Media Console:
Bamboo Media Console
Bamboo Media Console pictured: Legare 42-Inch by 33-Inch Media Tower.

Bamboo Media Console: Legare 42 inch by 33 inch Media Tower (TWAO-110)

Dried Bamboo Poles

The use of dried bamboo poles as materials in fencing or decorative structures is an aesthetic choice that needs to be thought of more for the look than the functionality. Apart from the wear and tear on bamboo poles from Mother Nature, dried bamboo poles tend to crack easily, which, depending on their intended usage, may not be such a good thing in the long run.
Dried Bamboo Poles:

Dried Bamboo Poles pictured: Bamboo Poles 2 Inch X 8 Feet, Carton of 4 Poles

Bamboo Fabric Sheets

Looking for alternatives to silk or cotton fabric sheets for your bed, while at the same time wanting to be eco-friendly? Then check out bamboo sheets. Naturally antibacterial, hypo-allergenic and wrinkle resistant, bamboo fits the bill perfectly. And they are quite affordable. You won’t believe how comfortable they can be.
Bamboo Fabric Sheets:
Bamboo Fabric Sheets image
Bamboo Fabric Sheets pictured above: Pure Fiber Sheet Set by Pure Fiber

Full Size Bamboo Sheets

Bamboo being an easily renewable resource, sheets made from it are an eco-friendly choice. Since bamboo fibers are quite soft, this means you don’t have to give up comfort. Combine this with bamboo’s natural anti-bacterial properties, and you have what could be the perfect sheets.
Full Size Bamboo Sheets:
Full Size Bamboo Sheets image
Full Size Bamboo Sheets pictured: 100% Rayon from Bamboo Sateen Double/Full Size Ivory Sheet Set by Highland Feather