Chenille bedspread

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When we pick bedding, we tend to think first and foremost about color and size. An important aspect of fabrics that we may forget to consider is texture. Since designs on chenille bedspreads are created solely through texture, they offer a subtler approach to decor than printed designs. This is something you should consider when picking out your next bedspread, along with size and color, of course.
Chenille bedspread:

Chenille bedspread pictured: Columbine Cody Chantilly Chenille Bedspread. Color: sage. Available in Full, King, queen or twin sizes.

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Gold bedspread

If you’re considering upgrading your bedspread to reflect a more regal look in your bedroom, think about buying a gold bedspread with matching pillow covers and sham. Not only will your bedroom look great, but your bed will be the center of attention. Of course, the rest of your bedroom decor may pale in light of the added sophistication, but with a few matching accessories, your bedroom will look more like a luxurious palatial retreat.
Gold bedspread:

Gold bedspread pictured: Veratex Lantana 4-Piece Comforter Set

Black bedspread – Queen

The stated elegance of a black bedspread is sometimes all one needs to bring a bedroom together regardless of the overall color scheme. Back in the seventies, white, tan and black themed bedroom sets were quite popular until the muted, pastel colors of the eighties took over. Presently, tasteful dark tones of brown, black and solid colors seem to be the way bedroom furniture is featured in advertising, reflecting the current aesthetic.
Black bedspread – Queen:

Queen black bedspread pictured: Chezmoi Collection 8 Pieces Luxurious Solid Black Pleats Stripe Comforter Set Bed-in-a-bag for Queen Size Bedding

Red bedspread

Bringing a bold color to a bedroom can be the difference between an exciting bedroom to sleep in, or just the usual same old, same old. A red bedspread can really help snazz up a bedroom, and it’s just perfect for Valentine’s day. Of course, you might also want to add red satin pillow covers to the mix for a little extra “ooh-la-la”.
Red bedspread:

Red bedspread pictured: Textile and Linen Rural Charm Collection All Natural 100-Percent Cotton Chenille Twin Size Bedspread. Color: Burgundy

Green bedspread

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With the many varieties of bedspreads that feature patterns, it’s not surprising that some folk just want a simple, solid color bedspread that will look nice and fit in with most any bedroom theme. Now, if you want to match your bedspread with a holiday or seasonal theme like, say, Saint Patrick’s Day, then a green bedspread would be the way to go. Couple that with a few green pillow cases and you got a great looking theme that can also be used on Thanksgiving and Christmas.
Green bedspread:

Green bedspread pictured: BrylaneHome Cotton Chenille Bedspread. Color: sage