Sherpa blankets and throws

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For those who live half the year in a cold climate, there are two items that should have found their way into your house by now: a sherpa blanket and a sherpa throw. A sherpa blanket and/or throw is a great addition to any bed-set or living room couch/comfy chair. The beauty of a sherpa blanket is that one side helps to keep you cool while the other side offers an almost instant warmth. A must have for any climate.
Sherpa blankets and throws:

Sherpa blankets and throws example. Pictured: Northpoint Sapphire Sherpa Blanket, color: camel

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Christian throw blankets

A throw blanket designed with Christian symbols and motifs is more than a decorative item, it can also be very comforting. Tasteful images of Christ, heaven and other Christian religious depictions enables one to keep warm on a damp night while reading, sipping coffee, watching TV, or just unwinding from a long day. A joyous way to spend an evening.
Christian throw blankets:

Christian throw blankets example. Pictured: Spiritual Inspiration Christian Throw Lord Is Shepherd by Furniture Creations.

Fringed throw blankets

Fringes on a throw are purely a decorative touch. In fact they can actually be a bit annoying if the throw is used as a blanket, since they can end up tickling your face. But if the throw is used as a way to add a bit of color to a sofa, then it is a lovely feature.
Fringed throw blankets:
Fringed throw blankets
Fringed throw blankets example. Pictured: Designer Paprika Fringed Throw Blanket by Rizzy.

Chenille throw blankets for sofas

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One of the great things about chenille fabric is that it will look a little different depending on the angle at which it is viewed. This is because of the way chenille is made. It reflects light differently at different angles. This is just part of the charm of this fabric.
Chenille throw blankets:
Chenille throw blankets
Chenille throw blankets pictured: Jovi Home Diva Chenille Throw. Colors: Mocha and Aqua.

Inspirational throw blankets

Inspirational thoughts are often seen in the form of framed pictures, but they can also be featured on throw blankets. It is a good way to combine attractive design, usefulness and positive messages all in one item. A wonderful gift to give someone you care about, be it a family member or a friend.
Inspirational throw blankets:
Inspirational throw blankets
Inspirational throw blankets example. Pictured: “Every Step of the Way” Inspirational Tapestry Throw Blanket 50″ x 60″, by Simply Home.