Kids moccasin boots

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While Uggs seem to be what a majority of the young girls are wearing these days, a quality pair of moccasin boots for kids can also be a fashionable blend of style, comfort and warmth on a cold winter’s day. And whether you get moccasins that feature a fringe motif or ones that have a bead patterned design, hopefully your little one will look past what’s popular to enjoy something with a little more flair.
Kids moccasin boots:

Kids moccasin boots pictured: IM Link Black Sand Pink Brown Triple Fringe Toddler Little Girls Boots 10-4

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Ladies rain boots

No longer relegated to basic black rubber, ladies rain boots are now much more vibrant and colorful than back in the day. Coming in all shapes and styles, fashionable ladies rain boots are lightweight and conformable while being 100% waterproof with much needed traction and adjustable straps, not to forget, lots of bold colors to fit any color of rain slicker.
Ladies rain boots:

Ladies rain boots pictured: Left: Kamik Women’s Heidi Rain Boot, yellow / Right: Kamik Women’s Christina Solid Wide-Fit Rain Boot, red.

Rubber boots for boys

Given that boys can be a tad more rambunctious than girls, rubber boots for boys need to be much more than just comfortable and water resistant, they also need to have a non-slip sole to provide extra traction on wet surfaces, and of course, look cool. So what would look cool? A rubber rain boot modeled after what firemen wear, especially a pair with an emblem representing the FDUSA or country equivalent.
Rubber boots for boys:

Rubber boots for boys pictured: Western Chief F.D.U.S.A. Rain Boot (Toddler/Little Kid/Big Kid)

Rubber boots for girls

If your daughter loves stomping through the puddles, but is a little fashionista, it’s no good buying her the classic black and red rain boots. These days, rubber boots for girls are all about bright colors and fun designs. Of course, the bottom line is how dry the rubber boot keeps your little girl’s feet. But for her, that might need to take a back seat to style and flair. Thankfully, there are many manufacturers who take both the parents needs and the child’s needs into account combining both look and functionality.
Rubber boots for girls:

Rubber boots for girls pictured: Western Chief Fire Chief Rain Boot (Toddler/Little Kid/Big Kid), lavender / pink