Rolling TV Cabinet

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I like to watch the news while I eat dinner, and although my living room LCD is able to turn a bit, it is not quite enough for me to see the screen properly from my dining area. I am thinking of getting a rolling TV cabinet, so that I can simply angle the cabinet to the proper angle. With any luck, this amount of rotation will not pull on the many wires on the back of the TV.
Rolling TV Cabinet:

Rolling TV Cabinet pictured above: Rolling TV Stand by Mainstays.

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TV Riser Cabinet

I would love to have a TV riser cabinet. The idea of pushing a button and having the TV rise out is just so cool. Then when you are done watching, just push another button and the TV disappears again. The only thing is, they are not cheap. But if I can ever afford one, I am getting one for sure.
TV Riser Cabinet:

TV Riser Cabinet pictured: Bungalow TV Lift Cabinet by TOUCHSTONE HOME PRODUCTS.