Tan coats for women

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Depending on how active an individual you are during the winter months, you might be concerned about wearing a tan or light colored coat throughout the winter, given that it can easily get dirty. If this is the case, you may want to consider buying two winter coats, one that is a darker color and one that is lighter. This way, you can wear the light colored coat for special events and the dark colored coat can be worn for everything else.
Tan coats for women:

Tan coats for women pictured: Left: Lifetime Collective Junior’s Marais Trench Coat, tan / Middle: BGSD Women’s Classic Suede Leather Car Coat – Caramel, small / Right: BGSD Women’s Empire Seamed Wool Blend Pea Coat in Camel

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Womens Plus Size Wool Coats

Being a larger woman doesn’t mean that you have to take what you can get when it comes to fashionable coats. There are more than a few designers who take the full figured plus size woman into account ensuring a flattering fit from plus sizes 12 to 32. Whether it’s a plus size wool coat, a leather jacket, or a long, flowing trench coat, there’s sure to be a designer offering the plus size woman as much choice as your average sized gal.
Womens Plus Size Wool Coats:

Womens Plus Size Wool Coats pictured: Left: Jessica London Plus Size Petite Classic Wool Pea Coat, deep navy / Right: Ulla Popken Plus Size Classic Pea Coat, red.

Leather trench coats for men

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Not only are leather trench coats great for keeping you dry and comfortable in all kinds of rainy and snowy weather, they also make you look good. To keep your leather trench coat looking good for as long as possible consider first weather proofing your coat if it is not already weather protected. To do this, simply go to your nearest dry cleaning business and they should have the treatment and process available to do such a job. With care and proper maintenance, your leather trench coat should last you a good long time.
Leather trench coats for men:

Leather trench coats for men pictured: Left: Giovanni NavarreTM Hand-Sewn Pebble Grain Genuine Leather Trench Coat Medium / Right: Ramonti Mens New Black Long Leather Walking Coat

Of course, a bit of wear can be a good thing when it comes to leather.

Wool winter coats for men

As fall turns into winter, it is time to put away the wind-breaker or fall jacket and bring out the winter coat. For those looking for warmth and style, wool winter coats fit the bill nicely. And to keep your coat lasting a long time, make sure to have your coat dry-cleaned and keep it in a hanging suit bag during the warm months until you need it again.
Wool winter coats for men:

Wool winter coats for men pictured: BGSD Men’s Wool Blend Car Coat in Black or Chocolate

Gothic trench coats for men

The traditional Gothic trench coat look is long and black. In fact, for the true Goth fashion wearer, the longer the a coat is, the better. Some coat lengths can go beyond the knee and even almost to the floor. Add to that an at attached high collar or hoodie and you’ll not only look good, but you’ll be warm as well on those bitter nights. Since these coats are so long, the style of pants you wear underneath is not that much of a concern. The color of those pants does matter, and they should of course be black.
Gothic trench coats for men:

Gothic trench coats for men pictured: Left: Necessary Evil Mens Loki Full Length Coat / Right: Necessary Evil Marduk Mens Hooded Trenchcoat