Karate Kid Halloween Costume

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Whether you are a child of the 80’s or born within the past 12 years, a karate kid costume on Halloween can be a fun way to pretend to be either the Ralph Macchio version of the Karate Kid or the later Jaden Smith version. Of course, you can always get the people who hand out candy to guess which one you are, and if they guess correctly, you get one portion of candy. If they guess incorrectly, you get two portions. And most importantly, don’t forget to work on your crane imitation.
Karate Kid Halloween Costume picture-2
Karate Kid Halloween Costumes pictured:
Left: Adult the Karate Kids Deluxe Daniel San Costume
Right: Kid’s Karate Boy Halloween Costume (Size:Medium 8-10) by RG Costumes

Of course, this is the type of outfit that is easily recreated without the need to buy a special costume.

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Red Queen Halloween Costume

Looking for a naughty mix of scary and sexy? Why not put on the nines with a red queen Halloween costume for the next Halloween party. The recent popularity of the Johnny Depp Alice In Wonderland will ensure that you will be instantly recognized as someone not to be trifled with. After all, “It is far better to be feared than loved”. In this case however, everyone will love your costume.
Red Queen Halloween Costume picture-2
Red Queen Halloween Costume accessory pictured: Charades Red Queen Wig (Adult)

Race Car Driver Halloween Costume

A lot of boys (and big boys too) dream of being famous race car drivers, and they can pretend to be just that for one night with a race car driver Halloween costume. Look for accessories such as caps, helmets, checkered flag or sunglasses. A plastic winner’s champagne bottle and medal are nice touches also.
Race Car Driver Halloween Costume:

Race Car Driver Halloween Costume pictured: Medium Child’s Deluxe Race Car Driver Costume (For Ages 7-8) by Weeks Juvenile Products

Flight Attendant Halloween Costume

There is something classy about a flight attendant costume. Weather you go for a retro look, or a more up to date style, these costumes are perfect for Halloween: the night we pretend to be someone else. A piece of luggage is a nice accessory which makes it all the more authentic-looking.
Flight Attendant Halloween Costume picture-3
Flight Attendant Halloween Costume pictured: Plus Size Miss Layover Costume

Toddler Cat Halloween Costume

Children are cute just the way they are, and who doesn’t like cats. So put these two together, and voila, we’ve got the PURRfect Halloween costume for toddlers: toddler cat costumes. How adorable it’ll be to dress him or her in a cat costume, whiskers, tail and all, spotted like a leopard, striped like a tiger, king and queen of the jungle like the roaring lion.
Toddler Cat Halloween Costume:

Toddler Cat Halloween Costume pictured: Charades Child’s Toddler Pink Cat Halloween Costume (2-4T)