1920’s Halloween Costumes

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Flappers, gangsters, molls, speakeasies, zoot suits… To us, these are the things that represent the roaring 20’s. The style of dress was so imaginative and distinctive, that sometimes it makes us wish we could go back in time, just to dress up in those great clothes. Fortunately, we have halloween, a time where we can play pretend, if only for one day.
1920's Halloween Costumes picture-1
1920’s Halloween Costumes: California Costume Women’s Adult-Jazz Time Honey

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Womens Gangster Halloween Costumes

Gangster costume are not just for men. In fact there are many different versions made especially for women, featuring pinstripe suits, dresses or skirts, fedoras, ties or suspenders. The sexier ones sometimes include a leg garter. Also look for accessories like plastic machine guns and wrist cuffs.
Womens Gangster Halloween Costumes picture-1
Womens Gangster Halloween Costume pictured: Fun World Costumes Women’s Womens Gangster

Star Wars Halloween Costumes for Adults

The Star Wars movies have been such huge successes, that their characters have become part of the culture in a way that no other movie series can claim. There are no shortages of star wars halloween costumes to chose from, from Darth Vader to Princess Leia, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Boba Fett, and the list goes on and on…
Star Wars Halloween Costumes for Adults picture-1Star Wars Halloween Costumes for Adults picture-2
Star Wars Halloween Costumes for Adults pictured:
Left: Rubie’s Costume Co Star Wars Secret Wishes Princess Leia Costume
Right: Rubie’s Costume Co Deluxe Star Wars Darth Vader Adult Plus Size Costume with Helmet

Cheech and Chong Halloween Costumes

Cheech and Chong, those lovable stoners that became classic characters in the seventies thanks to their movies and albums are back, this time in costume form. A great halloween costume ideas for two people, whether buddies or couples.
Cheech and Chong Halloween Costumes picture-1Cheech and Chong Halloween Costumes picture-3
Cheech and Chong Halloween Costumes pictured:
Left: Cheech & Chong Chong Deluxe Costume Set Adult X-Large by InCogneato
Right: Zoogster Costumes Cheech Costume from Cheech and Chong

Indiana Jones Halloween Costumes for Kids

Indiana Jones is one of those movie characters that has universal appeal. Kids as well as adults enjoy the movie series, simply because the character is likeable and the movies are packed with action. If your child is a little adventurer, then an Indiana Jones costume for Halloween is the way to go.
Indiana Jones Halloween Costumes Kids picture-2
Pictured: Rubie’s Costume Co Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Adventure Trunk, Size 4 to 6