Bicycle gel seat cover

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We all know, or at least should know, the wonderful benefits of riding a bike. Whether for health reasons, a getaway, or as the primary mode of transportation in your household, riding a bike adds a lot to your well-being, physically as well as financially. However, there are many people who shy away from bikes due to the hardness of the seat. If this is the case with you, a bicycle gel seat cover should be a great comfort in easing you back into bike riding. An added bonus is that a gel bike seat cover can also provide comfort if you participate in a spinning class and have to sit on a hard seat.
Bicycle gel seat cover:
Bicycle gel seat cover
Bicycle gel seat cover pictured: Bell Gel Relief Bicycle Seat Cover

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Red couch cover

When money is tight, yet your living room is in desperate need of a makeover, one of the cheaper ways of brightening up a room is to re-paint the walls in a color that fits nicely with the decor and personality of the room. Another inexpensive way to make-over a room is to add a brightly colored couch cover to your existing couch. This way, you add a splash of color without breaking the bank.
Red couch cover:

Red couch covers pictured: Top: Classic Slipcovers Brushed Twill Loveseat Slipcover by Classic Slipcovers, Inc. / Bottom: Classic Slipcovers Brushed Twill Sofa Slipcover by Classic Slipcovers, Inc. – DROPSHIP

Zebra couch cover

When you are on a tight family budget, it’s often too expensive to buy a new couch when the current one has seen better days. In such a case, a simple expenditure on a couch cover can bring life back to an old, worn out sofa or love seat. Make sure however, that you measure your couch before hand so that when you go buy the cover, you can get the size right on the first time around. And if you have a little more cash to spare, you might want to buy two different covers to shake things up every now and then.
Zebra couch cover:

Zebra couch cover pictured: 2 Piece Set Zebra Pattern Quilted Micro Suede Pet Dog Sofa Loveseat Furniture slip Cover Protector Throw by BEDnLINENS

Black duvet cover full / queen

No matter the size of your bed, be it a twin or Queen, a duvet cover is a must-have item that will protect the expensive down filled duvet you bought for hopefully years to come. But beyond protecting your investment, a duvet cover can also be used to change the mood of a room depending on the color chosen. While an off-white duvet color may have a somewhat calming effect, a black duvet cover can change the look and feel of your bedroom dramatically, and would be cheaper than having the walls painted or changing the rug.
Black duvet cover full / queen:

Black duvet cover full / queen pictured: Stripes Black 600 Thread Count Full Size (Double Bed) Duvet Cover Set 100 % Egyptian Cotton 3pc Comforter Cover Set Button Enclosure By Sheetsnthings.

Damask duvet cover

As duvets can be quite expensive, you should want to do all you can to keep your duvet in as perfect a condition as possible. The first thing you should do is to buy a duvet cover to protect the duvet itself. When it comes time to wash your duvet, you will need access to a commercial size washing machine and dryer. Only use warm water on a gentle cycle for washing and tumble dry on a low heat for the dryer. And even though you may be tempted, never take your duvet to a dry cleaner as that process can damage your duvet.
Damask duvet cover:

Damask duvet cover pictured: Urban Mackenzie Damask King Reversible Duvet Cover Set