Decorative canning jars

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Making and preserving your own jams and jellies, along with pickling and stewing, can be a fun and rewarding experience for those who like the autonomy of eating what you have planted and grown. And if you plan on giving out your finished products as gifts in plain or pretty decorative canning jars, make sure you follow the guidelines pointed out by the USDA Food Canning Guidelines or the equivalent in your neck of the woods. Better to be safe than sorry.
Decorative canning jars:

Decorative canning jars pictured: Left: Bormioli Rocco Quattro Stagioni 5 Ounce Canning Jar, Set of 12 / Middle: Bernardin Mason Jars – 1 L – Decorative / Right: Leifheit Canning Supplies 2-Cup Glass Preserving Jars, set of 6

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Decorative hampers

If you live in a decent size house, you probably have a separate laundry room where you can keep all your dirty laundry pretty much sight unseen from those who visit or drop in unannounced. However, if you live in a smaller space like an apartment or dorm room, you might want to consider keeping your dirty clothes in a stylish decorative hamper that will look good in any room.
Decorative hampers:

Decorative hampers pictured: Left: Round Open Bamboo Hamper with Liner, Brown Stain by Kouboo / Right: Rectangular Box Bamboo Hamper with Liner, Black Stain by Kouboo

Decorative wood easels

A recent trend in home decor is to use an easel to display paintings or photographs. This works especially well when the easel is beautifully shaped and made out of wood. The art displayed in such a manner tends to have a bigger impact then if it was simply hung on a wall. So if you have some artwork that you feel deserves a better spot in you home, try displaying it on a decorative easel. You may be pleased with the result.
Decorative wood easels:

Decorative wood easels pictured: Left: Wayborn Furniture 3527 Bamboo Easel Craft Room Furniture, Brown / Middle: Sweetheart Easel in Antique White by Wayborn / Right: Maestro Easel by Wayborn

Decorative house flags

When one thinks of flags, the usual image is one of a country flag on a flag pole. But there are also decorative house welcome flags that come in a wide variety of colorful designs. Installation of these house flags is also relatively easy using common household tools along with a house flag bracket to keep the flag flying proud.
Decorative house flags:

Decorative house flags pictured: Left: Toland Home Garden Home Sweet Home Flag / Right: Toland Home Garden Seasons Flag

Decorative plate racks

If you’re a collector of decorative plates, chances are you want them displayed around the house so that your friends and family can enjoy their beauty and your taste. Problem is, you want to keep them from getting scratched or broken. In this case, a decorative plate rack can really come in handy as it holds your plates securely. Just make sure you don’t have little ones or pets running around in the area that your collectibles are displayed in.
Decorative plate racks:

Decorative plate racks example. Pictured: 3-Tier Plate Rack, Black Metal, 36″ Height by Banberry Designs, sold by Relevant Gifts.