Dress for dogs

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I can understand the fun of dressing up a dog for a Halloween night or some other fashionable one-time event, but I wonder sometimes about those who seem to want to dress up their dogs every day of the week. And while I admit that there are times when a small dog looks rather cute in a rhinestone studded dress, I can’t help but feel for the dog as they are paraded outdoors for all to see in their get-up. It reminds me of when I was a child and had no say in what my parents dressed me up in. ‘Nuff said!
Dress for dogs:

Dress for dogs pictured: Petrageous Polka Dot Ruffle Dog Dress XS Purple

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Blue dog dress

With spring on its way, you may want to shift from dark to bright colors when dressing up your dog. Consider bright pink, yellow and blue dog dresses to show off your dog in style. Of course, you need to give thought to how your dog will accept being wrapped up in a dog dress, but once you get the outfit on, I’m sure they’ll love the attention they receive in the dog park or on the street.
Blue dog dress:

Blue dog dress pictured: East Side Collection ~ Gingham Dog Dress ~ Blue ~ X-Large.

Princess dog dress

For lovers of small dogs, what better way to parade your pet around your neighborhood than to dress them up in a pink and frilly princess dog dress. Now, I realize that some may balk at this idea and wonder why in heaven’s name one would do such a thing! But, if you only do this on special occasions, like say Christmas or Easter, it’s kind of like dressing up your children, and your pet will look pretty cute all dolled up.
Princess dog dress:
Princess dog dress
Princess dog dress pictured: Pet Tease Princess Frill Dog Dress, Pink with Pink Frill with Rhinestone Lettering.

Pink dog dress

How cute are babies all dolled up in pink, frilly dresses? Very cute! And your dog can look just as cute in a pink dog dress no matter the gender, although, you may want to restrict your pink color choice for your female dog. Another restriction you may want to follow is the size of your dog. Something tells me that while a cute little pug won’t mind wearing a pink dress, a full grown German Shepard may not feel so inclined!
Pink dog dress:
Pink dog dress
Pink dog dress pictured: East Side Collection 10-Inch Polyester Sweetheart Dog Dress, X-Small, Pink

Red dog dress

To be honest, I’m not one of those people who feel the need to dress up a dog in a dress, or any other form of clothing for that matter. But, for those who do share that particular interest, there seems to be something extravagant about showing off their dogs in tutus or red dresses that I just can’t subscribe to. But, we are all proud of our pets and want the world to see them as the spectacular animals they are, and after all, it is just a bit of harmless fun.
Red dog dress:
Red dog dress image
Red dog dress pictured: Dog Dog Collection Designer Dog Apparel – Devonie Hoodie Dress – Color: Red, Size: L.