Guinea Pig Cage On Wheels

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Just like us, Guinea pigs sometimes like a bit of a change of scenery. With a cage that has wheels, you can easily roll your pets in another room, or even outdoors, without having to resort to using an old cardboard box. It’s handy to be able to roll the cage in another room for cleaning, too.
Guinea Pig Cage On Wheels:
Guinea Pig Cage On Wheels picture-1Guinea Pig Cage On Wheels picture-2
Guinea Pig Cage On Wheels pictured:
Left: Super Pet My First Home Deluxe Multi-Level Pet Home with Casters
Right: Super Pet Habitat Defined Rabbit Habitat

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Large Guinea Pig Cages

In order to keep your guinea pig happy, he or she has to have plenty of room to play and climb. Large cages give your lovable pets that room, so that they can be comfortable. Usually you will pay more for larger cages, but the happiness of your pet is worth it. Of course, before you get a jumbo cage, you have to be sure that you have the room for it.
Large Guinea Pig Cages:

Large Guinea Pig Cage pictured: Midwest Expandable Guinea Habitat by Midwest Homes for Pets

Guinea Pig Indoor Cage

Things to look for when you are buying an indoor cage for a guinea pig: Make sure the cage is not hard to assemble; the cage should be big enough for the pet to be comfortable and have room to play 9some cages are expandable). You may also want to look for a model that is easy to clean. Some models include ramps, bells, etc.
Guinea Pig Indoor Cage:

Guinea Pig Indoor Cage pictured: Midwest Expandable Guinea Habitat by Midwest Homes for Pets.