Mens zip front hoodies

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One of the fashionable looks of the Hip Hop culture is the hoodie and low fitting pants. Take a walk down any urban downtown street or mall and you’ll see many young urban and suburban males sporting this particular “uniform”. And while this can be a costly style if you buy from the likes off Ecko Unlimited, Bape Hoodies, Gucci and more, you can get practically the same look by buying cheap hoodies that look the same but at a fraction of the price. While it may be all that to look your best, you don’t want to break the bank doing so.
Mens zip front hoodies:

Mens zip front hoodies pictured:
Left: Plan B Men’s Division Zip-Up Hoodie, plum
Right: Threads 4 Thought Men’s Triblend Zip Front Hoodie, midnight

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Plain black hoodies

If you’re like me, you are on a budget and you do not like to spend that much money on your wardrobe. I find sweatshirts and hoodies comfortable, stylin’, and warm. They are also inexpensive. I really don’t care about not having designer labels. As long as my clothes look good and are decent quality, I’m happy. And plain black hoodies go with anything you wear.
Plain black hoodies:

Plain black hoodies pictured:
Left: bebe Logo Raglan Hoodie
Right: Jerzees Pullover Hooded Sweatshirt

Grey hoodies

If you have a small business that caters to local consumers, you probably already know that one of the most simple methods of promotion is through word of mouth. Unfortunately, having a great product or service can only go so far until you find yourself needing to up your marketing game. One way to get folks knocking down your door is to sponsor a young sports team by dedicating a small portion of your profits to uniform branding. This could be as extravagant as buying the team whole new uniforms with your company brand smack dab in the middle of their jerseys, or as simple as buying a bunch of cheap grey hoodies and having your local print shop stamp your brand on them. Either way, you will have grateful players and a bunch of potential client eyeballs at every game soaking in your brand. A win win all around.
Grey hoodies:
cheap grey hoodies picture-1
Grey hoodie pictured:  Hanes P473 Youth ComfortBlend 50/50 Pullover Hood

Purple hoodies

On some days you just want to be comfy and casual. Those are the days to pull out a hoodie from your closet. Hoodies look great with a pair of jeans and they can warm you up if you wear a T-shirt under them. Try combining a purple hoodie sweatshirt with a yellow shirt. You’ll be surprised how well the two colors go together.
Purple hoodies:

Purple hoodies pictured: Left: Gildan Men’s Big Heavy Blend Hooded Drawcord Sweatshirt. 18500 / Right: Hailey Jeans Co Juniors Lightweight Waffle Thermal Hoodie Top

Women’s Hip Hop Hoodies

These tight hooded and zippered jackets are really funky looking. There are designer hoodies from the big names in hip hop clothing, or there are generic looking hoodies that are less expensive, I prefer the less expensive hoodies without any designer labels on them. Just give me solid colors and I’m a happy hip hopper.
Women’s Hip Hop Hoodies:

Women’s Hip Hop Hoodies pictured: Women’s Pink Boom Box Hoodie M – Created using some of the greatest rap hits of the 1980s by Los Angeles Pop Art