Low desk hutch

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A low desk hutch is likely to offer less storage space for paper, pens and other office supplies, but they do have an advantage over taller ones: The person sitting at the desk can see over the hutch, and so his or her view is not blocked. This can be especially important for a receptionist, who has to deal with people on a regular basis.
Low desk hutch:
Low desk hutch
Low desk hutch pictured: Safco Low Profile Top Organizer, 57.5 Inches Width x 12 Inches Height, Cherry (3671CY)

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Small desk with hutch

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Turning a guest room or a small room into a home office might pose a problem with regards to space. Initially, you would want at least a desk to place your computer, all-in-one printer and phone on, while having some storage capacity for files, computer discs and printer paper. A small desk with an attached hutch might be your best bet in keeping everything organized in one location while not taking up too much room space.
Small desk with hutch:

Small desk with hutch pictured: Sauder Camden County Computer Desk with Hutch Planked Cherry

Microwave hutch

A microwave hutch makes a nice addition to most any kitchen as a means to keep your microwave off the counter in order to create more space for other appliances or to create a larger food prep area. The hutch can also be used as a means of storage with drawers and shelves for plates, china, cups, glasses, cookbooks, and more. Different styles and sizes allow you to pick the piece that is right for you and your kitchen.
Microwave hutch:

Microwave hutches pictured: Left: Kitchen Storage Cabinet / Microwave Stand by TDM / Right: Catskill Craftsmen Microwave Space Saver Cart with Drawer

Office desk hutch

Adding a hutch to an office desk is a good way to gain shelving space without losing floor space or having to install shelves. However you must consider that the hutch may look out of place if it does not match the color and style of the existing desk. Also, you must make sure the hutch is the right size so that it fits properly on top of the desk. Whether this is worth the trouble is up to you. In some cases, buying an entirely new desk that already has a hutch is actually cheaper.
Office desk hutch:

Office desk hutch pictured: Laminate Hutch with Doors Finish: Mahogany, Size: 71″ Wide by Regency. Sold by Wayfair.

Also of interest: Mmf Industries 2061DOBK Desk Organizer w/Dividers, 47-1/4 in.x9-1/2 in.x18-3/8 in., Black / Northfield Collection Credenza Hutch by Bush Furniture

Office hutch

Whether you work out of your home or have a small office space outside the home, chances are you will need the basics to set up shop, so to speak. An office desk with plenty of room to add a monitor, keyboard and mouse, a comfortable chair for long hours of sitting and an office hutch to keep other office materials off your desk. Files, papers, printers and other related materials can be placed in an organized set of drawers, shelves and useable surface areas in a well made office hutch.
Office hutch:

Office hutch pictured: Safco 80% Recycled Low-Profile Desktop Organizer, 12″Hx57 1/2″Wx12″D, color: Medium Oak.