Mens purple pants

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One of the hottest trends to come around in a long while is retro clothing. Clothes we may snickered at during the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s are now really popular and can fetch a large sum of money. One of these articles of clothing that has become a popular item to look for, either online or at good-will stores, are polyester pants. And if you can find these pants, especially the purple variety, why not match them up with a polyester polo shirt. You’ll be looking like a hipster in no time.
Mens purple pants:

Mens purple pants pictured: Concitor Men’s Dress Pants Slacks Flat Front Trousers Purple Indigo

If you opt for a bright, vibrant purple, it is easy to overdo it.

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Argyle golf pants

Apart from your golf swing, if you want to make a lasting impression on the golf course, dress yourself up in some stylish and bright argyle golf pants from Loudmouth. Loudmouth are manufacturers of quality golf wear who have tongue firmly planted in cheek. Bright colors and crazy patterns set this company apart from all others while laying claim to high quality fabrics and design. Add a thick white belt and colorful polo shirt and you’re ready to play with the big boys.
Argyle golf pants:
argyle golf pants picture-2
Argyle golf pants pictured: Loudmouth Golf Pants Loud Mouth Squares John Daly

Plaid golf pants

For years there has been a universal uniform worn by pro and amateur golfers alike that has included plaid golf pants in all their glory. Now, some might view such fashion as being less than hip, but when you are on the golf course, it’s all about comfort, so golfers are not too concerned about how non-golfers “judge” their fashion sense. And to be honest, there are some great looking plaid golf pants from Nike that do their brand justice, especially the straight legged dark color pair.
cheap plaid golf pants picture-1 cheap plaid golf pants picture-2
Plaid golf pants pictured:
Left: Fila Golf Men’s Napoli Plaid Pant, Silver Plaid
Right: Oakley Mens Swagger 2.0 Plaid Pants Stone Grey

Hip Hop Pants for Women

A long, long time ago, hip hop pants for women used to be called a different thing. I used to know them as knickers back in the 80’s, and I loved them. I still dig ’em and wear ’em. The styles of today are funky, cool and fly. Hip hop pants haven’t gone out of style and these pants are so versatile. Wear ’em with sneakers, running shoes, high tops, funky little ankle boots, whatever you prefer.
Hip Hop Pants for Women:

Hip Hop Pants for Women pictured: Hip Hop Graphic Leggings by Hip

Drawstring Cargo Pants

Apart from being quite comfortable in practically any casual setting, cargo pants, especially ones that include a drawstring, are also very comfortable as part of your workout attire. And if you are a dancer, or take any jazz or cardio dance classes, you will appreciate the cargo pants that not only have a drawstring at your waist, but also smaller drawstrings on the pant bottoms which can be pulled in for more active wear.
Drawstring Cargo Pants:

Drawstring Cargo Pants pictured: Old Navy Boys Drawstring Ripstop Cargos