Queen Anne dining room chairs

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Perhaps the easiest way to spot a Queen Anne style chair is by the cabriole shape legs. The curvy lines of this style of design are a big part of its appeal. It is perfect for formal or semi-formal dining rooms. The chairs with cushioned seats are also quite comfortable, so you may feel like taking a little longer to eat.
Queen Anne dining room chairs:
Queen Anne dining room chairs image
Queen Anne dining room chairs example. Pictured: AC Furniture 235 Queen Anne Side Chair, sold by Biz Chair.

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Queen silk bed sheets

The beauty of silk is unparallelled in the fabric world, yet, while silk bed sheets may look quite expensive, the truth is, for a 350 thread count four piece bed sheet set, it will cost you less than thirty dollars at Amazon.com. There are also a wide variety of colors such as solid mocha brown, satin solid purple, solid burgundy red and the always classic, pearl white. Outfitting a queen bed with these silk sheets need not put you in the poor house.
Queen silk bed sheets:

Queen silk bed sheets pictured: Soft Silky Satin Solid Mocha Brown 4pc Deep Pocket Sheet Set for Queen Bed

Red Queen Halloween Costume

Looking for a naughty mix of scary and sexy? Why not put on the nines with a red queen Halloween costume for the next Halloween party. The recent popularity of the Johnny Depp Alice In Wonderland will ensure that you will be instantly recognized as someone not to be trifled with. After all, “It is far better to be feared than loved”. In this case however, everyone will love your costume.
Red Queen Halloween Costume picture-2
Red Queen Halloween Costume accessory pictured: Charades Red Queen Wig (Adult)

Queen of Hearts Halloween Costume

The success of the Alice in Wonderland movie has re-popularized queen of hearts costumes. Many styles are available. Consider pairing them up with tiaras or crowns and with a wand. Another options is a costume that actually looks like a big queen-of-hearts playing card. Both are fun choices for Halloween.
Queen of Hearts Halloween Costume:

Queen of Hearts Halloween Costume pictured: Pretty Queen of Hearts Child Costume by Fun World Costumes