Spice racks for cabinets

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There seems to be hundreds of types of spice racks. I guess this is because we are still trying to find the perfect solution to an enduring problem: how to store all those little spice bottles and jars. If a simple wall mounted traditional rack is unsuitable for whatever reason, then you may want to opt for one of the many in-cabinet or racks on the market today.
Spice racks for cabinets:

Spice racks for cabinets example. Pictured: SpiceStor Organizer/Rack 40 Clip 10″D x 10″H

Also of interest: 18-Bottle Spice Organizer with 3 Drawers by YouCopia / Rubbermaid® Pull Down Spice Racks / Rev-A-Shelf 4SR-15 Door Mount Spice Rack – Wood – Maple

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Bathroom floor towel racks

One of the problems of having a large master bathroom is that the towel rack is sometimes on the opposite wall, out of reach when needed. A workaround to this minor issues is to buy a towel rack that stands on the bathroom floor. This way, you can move it to where ever you may need it. It also looks great in your bathroom and usually comes with a heavy base and rubberized bottom that won’t scuff your bathroom floor tiles.

Bathroom floor towel rack pictured above: InterDesign York Lyra Hand Towel Rack, Bronze

Bathroom floor rack for towels pictured: Gatco 1508 Floor Standing S Style Towel Holder

Wall hung wine racks

When living space becomes an issue and you feel the need to look outside the box when it comes to displaying your wine collection, then look to your walls for inspiration. Wall hung wine racks are able to hold anywhere from three to ten bottles of wine and some even hold a small collection wine glasses as well. There are even wine racks that hang from the ceiling, so there’s no reason to store your collection in the closet or cupboard.
Wall hung wine racks:

Wall hung wine racks example. Pictured: Unique Wall Mounted Wood Wine Rack by Exclusive Decor

Wooden wine racks

Organizing and storing your wine collection can be a somewhat difficult task if you live in a small apartment like I do. With only a small section of my living/dining room, I just don’t have the space for a large wall to ceiling storage area. This limitation, however, doesn’t mean that i can’t have a small wine collection to call my own. This is why I bought a cheap wooden wine rack made from unfinished pine that I could devote some weekend time to finish. Plus, it can hold up to 44 bottles of wine in a strong and sturdy fashion. Now I can show off my little corner in style.
Wooden wine rack:

Wooden wine rack pictured: Winsome Wood Foldable Wine Rack, Walnut

Small metal wine racks

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It would be nice, but not everyone can afford to have a basement wine cellar to store and show off their wine collection. That being said, you can still show off your prized bottles by tastefully placing small metal wine racks around your home for all to see, to complement, and of course, to enjoy. One or two strategically placed wine racks can add a comfortable elegance to any living or dining room area. A great way to visually say “welcome to my home, can I get you a glass?”
Small metal wine rack:

Small metal wine rack pictured: 6 Bottle Wine Rack by Mango Steam