Wine Storage Racks

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If you are looking to give a nice but inexpensive gift to a wine lover, why not consider a wine storage rack that can easily fit on a kitchen counter top or dining room table or hutch. For less than thirty dollars, you can find some beautiful wine racks on sites like Amazon and Ebay that can hold up to at least three bottles of wine and easily more depending on the rack. Such racks are made from either wood or metal and can complement nearly any household area. And if you are able to afford it, throw in a couple of nice bottles of wine to show how effective these racks can truly be.
Wine Storage Racks:

Wine Storage Rack pictured: Winsome Wood 28-Bottle Wine Rack, Natural

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Sliding Spice Racks for Kitchen Cabinets

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Spice racks, the kind that fit inside cabinets, are either of the type that slide out like a drawer, or of the “pull down” variety. Whatever the model or mechanism, these types of racks are great space savers and tidy ways to keep all of your spices in one convenient, easily reachable spot.

Sliding Spice Racks for Kitchen Cabinets example. Pictured: Swivel Store Organizer Storage System

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Residential Wine Racks

The two main differences between commercial and residential wine racks are size and style. The residential models usually hold fewer bottles, and they are often designed to be seen, so they are decorative. There are some beautiful and original out there, and there is no lack of choice.
Residential Wine Racks:

Residential Wine Racks example. Pictured: Lipper International Bamboo 3-Tier Wine Rack with Glass Hanger

Decorative Table Top Wine Racks

Small wine racks, made to be displayed and used on the table usually only hold a few bottles. The amount of imaginative designs for these racks is incredible. Some look like miniature trees, bookends, some have animal shapes. Some are rustic, while others are modern looking. There is a plethora of choices out there, one is sure to suit your personality.
Decorative Table Top Wine Racks:

Decorative Table Top Wine Racks example. Pictured: Andranik Six Bottle Wine Holder by Creative Creations