Wall stand for DVD player

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Unlike the more traditional CTR televisions, the beauty of a flat screen TV is that it can be mounted up on the wall, for a clean, minimalist look. The same goes for some of your TV accessories like DVD players and surround sound systems. You can mount a wall stand directly under the TV for a particular component, thus getting rid of the bulky and/or messy TV/component floor stand.
Wall stand for DVD player:

Wall stand for DVD player pictured: OmniMount Blade1 Low Profile Single Shelf Wall Mount

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Rolodex stand

Back in the day, a Rolodex was what was used as a contact information holder and every business had one. With the transition of contact information to digital means, you would think that the Rolodex company might no longer be in business. But there are and still feature the rolling contact info cards along with other storage and workspace products like monitor stands, laptop stands and in-and-out document trays.
Rolodex stand:

Rolodex stand pictured: Rolodex 81776 Mahogany Wood & Black Leather Monitor Stand, 14-7/16W X 13-7/16D X 5-1/8H

Table top swivel TV stand

Living in small apartment or a one room studio style living space can be a challenge when placing furniture and other items like a TV or stereo. One way of setting things up for maximum use of space, is to place your TV on a table top swivel stand. This way, it doesn’t matter where you are in the room, you can always have the best view by simply revolving the TV to the desired angle.
Table top swivel TV stand:

Table top swivel TV stand pictured: Sanus Systems TV-LCDB Swivel Base for 13-inch to 30-inch LCD Displays

Adjustable height TV stand

No matter if you own a 19 inch flat screen TV or a 60 inch flat screen, an adjustable height TV stand can come in quite handy when trying to configure the optimal viewing experience. Depending on the height profile of your seating arrangement and the distance between viewer and TV, you may need to adjust accordingly. Being able to move the stand up or down and have your eyes be in-line with the center of the TV is integral to a perfect viewing experience.
Adjustable height TV stand:

Adjustable height TV stands pictured: Left: Z-Link ZL56444MU TV Stand for 44-Inch TV, Vitoria Glass by Z-Line / Right: AVF FSL930CHEO-A Chepstow Combination TV Stand and Mount – 930 – Oak Color

Kitchen microwave cart / stand

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As cute as a small kitchen can look, having limited counter space to place a coffee maker, microwave, toaster, blender, spice rack and more can prove to be a tad troublesome, especially when you need space for food prepping. A kitchen microwave cart can provide a separate storage area for not only your microwave, but depending on how many shelves or compartments it holds, cookbooks, a toaster oven, pots and pans and even wine bottles.
Kitchen microwave cart / stand:

Kitchen microwave carts / stands pictured: Left: Home Source Industries R0018 Beech Microwave Cart with 2 Electrical Outlets/Drawer and 2 Shelves, Beech / Right: Winsome Wood Kitchen Cart, Natural

Some of these stands have wheels. Given that your microwave will be plugged into the wall socket, wheels may not be that practical.

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