Mens pink suspenders

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Most men might favor wearing color coordinated suspenders with a suit and tie to the office, giving the fashionable dresser a more conservative look, especially when worn with a bow tie. However, suspenders can also be used to keep up jeans, boxer shorts and flannel pajamas. Basically any lower body clothing that can fall down, suspenders can keep up. And for the especially color coordinated individual, various colors can be used to match what your date is wearing. As an example, I read about a young girl who wore a hot pink dress to her prom, while her boyfriend wore mens pink suspenders to match.

mens pink suspenders image
Mens pink suspenders pictured:
Vesuvio Napoli Men’s HOT PINK FUCHSIA SUSPENDERS Y Shape Back Elastic Button & Clip Convertible

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Mens purple suspenders

As important as a belt is to keep your pants up, there are folks who prefer suspenders instead. But just like a belt, the sharp dressed man realizes that color coordination is just as important. As an example, if you will be wearing a dark colored suit, you will want to match that look with the color of your suspenders in either a dark blue, black or even purple. Of course the same stands true for light colored suits as well. Also, keep in mind that your tie, socks and shoes should also fall in line with your color coordination.

mens purple suspenders -1 mens purple suspenders
mens purple suspenders

Pictured above: examples of purple suspenders for men