Kids beach towels

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There are plenty of beach towels on the market with designs that appeal to kids. Cartoon characters and animals are often featured on these, but a really fun variation on the standard designs is a towel that incorporates a game. Towels that feature tic tac toe, Candyland or Angry Bird games are sure to please your kids, and give them an extra activity to participate in whether on the beach, by the pool or even at home.
Kids beach towels:

Kids beach towels example. Pictured: Tic Tac Toe Beach Towel Game, sold by Century Novelty.

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Egyptian towels

When I was a kid I could never understand why my parents got so excited about a new towel set. Each Christmas my folks would get the house all cleaned up from top to bottom for my grandparents and one of the finishing touches would be to add a nice towel set. Truth be told, they all felt the same to me. Then when I was older and on my own, I remember buying an Egyptian Towel set and immediately noticed the luxurious difference compared to my “rags” at home. I then understood why a new towel set would be so exciting.
Egyptian towels:

Egyptian towels pictured: Superior Egyptian Cotton 3-Piece Towel Set, Gold, by Superior.

Plain beach towels

There seems to be something so simple about a solid color plain beach towel that doesn’t try to impress you with dazzling print displays and wild colors. Yet, like any beach towel, the key fundamental that makes or breaks a beach towels’ functionality is how thick it is and how absorbent the fabric is. Apart from lying on top of the sand, a beach towel’s job is to keep you comfy and dry, and if your beach towel fails at this, then it’s time to look elsewhere.
Plain beach towels:

Plain beach towels pictured: 3pcs 24×59-inches NEW Absorbent Microfiber Bath Beach Towel Big Car Cleaning Cloth Lint Free, Quick-dry, Lightweight and Compact by maomaoyu.

Hooded beach towels for toddlers

Bringing young kids to the beach can be a whole lot of fun, and if you really want to make it a memorable day, give your toddlers hooded beach towels with hoods that resemble bees, frogs, bears, lions and ponies. It’s kind of like going to the beach on Halloween, except you children can wear these hooded towels every time they go to the beach or play in the backyard.
Hooded beach towels for toddlers:

Hooded beach towels for toddlers example. Pictured: Avon Shark Towel Bath Beach Camp Hood Kids Blue Boy Girl Toddler.

Luxury egyptian cotton towels

So you’ve finished renovating the bathroom and it’s now looking a lot more like a room you want to relax in while taking a long hot bath. The only thing you now need to think about are the towels. In this regard, you should definitely check out a set of luxurious 100 % Egyptian cotton towels for that oh so pampered feeling. Thicker and more absorbent than regular towels, you’ll want to jump back in the bath again just so you can dry yourself off a second time.
Luxury egyptian cotton towels:

Luxury egyptian cotton towels example. Pictured: Luxury Spa Collection – GREY Bath Towel – 100% Egyptian Cotton BATH TOWEL GREY by Luxury Egyptian Bedding.