Black backsplash

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In today’s market, selling your home is a difficult and sometimes frustrating task. That’s why, the more each room “pops” for potential buyers, the better chance you may have of selling your home for the asking price, or at least close to it. One of the many ways to make your kitchen pop, is to put up a backsplash behind your oven range or sink area to catch and easily clean grease and water splashes. You could of course, just use paint for the backsplash look, or you can buy a bunch of Subway tiles and have them professionally placed for a more modern look at maximum effect. Your kitchen will definitely be a sure winner.
Black backsplash:

Black backsplash pictured: Glass Mosaic TILE for Bathroom, Kitchen, Backsplash, Wall – Essen Series, Very Black (Sample) by Martini Mosaic. Sold by Retailproof.

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