Small chest freezer

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A small chest freezer that one can fit easily in the garage or basement can come in quite handy when storing frozen foods that are too big to fit in a regular kitchen fridge. Some models can run on battery power, which can be very useful during a long power outage, and some can also be powered by a solar panel.
Small chest freezer:

Small chest freezer pictured: Sundanzer Solar-Powered Chest Freezer – 5.8 Cubic Ft., 30in.L x 40in.W x 37in.H by Sun.

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Curtain steamer

You may be surprised to see how much dirt and dust your curtains pick up, which is why they should be cleaned regularly. A curtain steamer comes in very handy and can be cheaper in the long run than taking them to the dry cleaners every time. Just make sure to check the manufacturer’s label to ensure that a steamer won’t harm your curtains as there are some commercial steamers that will burn or singe certain fabrics. Usually, if your curtains can be washed in a conventional washing machine, then they can be steamed.
Curtain steamer:

Curtain steamer pictured: Conair GS29 Instant Heat Ionic Professional Garment Steamer

Home electric ice crusher machine

When thinking about buying a home electric ice crusher machine for the kitchen, consider the purpose of such a purchase. Are you buying one so that you can enjoy crushed ice in your cold beverages? Or would you love to offer your friends a delicious raw fish buffet displayed on crushed ice? If so, then whatever crushed ice machine you buy should be fine. However, if you are buying a crushed ice machine for the kids to make frozen drinks like slushies and snow cones, you will need to make sure that you get a machine that shaves ice rather than crushes it. You may not think there’s a difference, but your kids will.
Home electric ice crusher machine:

Home electric ice crusher machine examples. Pictured: Left: Deni 6000 Ice Crusher / Right: Deni 6100 Automatic 70-Watt Stainless-Steel Ice Crusher

Home ice cube maker

It seems like on one the first things to disappear at a family BBQ is the ice. As the drinks are flowing and the bottles are chilling, having a few ice cube trays in your fridge is not going to cut it. If you entertain a lot, a home ice cube maker can be a huge help when a large amount of ice is needed. Just remember that while a quality ice cube maker can make up to 28 pounds of ice per day, it will literally take the whole day and night to do so, so start making ice a day or two before and have a freezer accessible to keep the ice until needed.
Home ice cube maker:

Home ice cube maker pictured: NewAir AI-100R Countertop Portable Ice Maker, Red

Portable ice cube maker

While a portable ice cube maker sounds cool, pardon the pun, one has to wonder if it is really worth the investment in the end. Sure, you’re able to have ice for your drinks in the middle of nowhere, that is of course, if there’s an electrical outlet. And the better quality portable ice cube makers appear to only provide up to 9 ice cubes every six to fifteen minutes, which is fine if you’re drinking alone, but if you have more than a few friends, then someone’s going to have to wait another six to fifteen minutes. Better to just think ahead and have a cooler filled with ice to take with you.
Portable ice cube maker:

Portable ice cube maker examples. Pictured: Left: Oster OSIM22SV 27-Pound Portable Ice Maker / Right: NewAir AI-100BK Countertop Portable Icemaker, Black