Tailgate LED light bars for trucks

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Tailgate barbecues are a lot of fun, but the sun setting doesn’t mean the party has to end. An LED light bar lets you illuminate the surrounding area. It can come in handy is lots of situations, and it can help keep you safe when pulled over by the side of the road. Look for models that can be adjusted to let the light shine where you need it.
Tailgate LED light bars for trucks:

Tailgate LED light bars for trucks example. Pictured: RIGID 91031 10″ LED LIGHT BAR- SPOT/FLOOD COMBO BEAM- SINGLE ROW “SR SERIES”

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Car Seat Desk

Car desks come in several models, each providing different features. Some have non-slip surfaces, some are secured thanks to the use of a seat belt, some can fold up and double as a briefcase, some have removable trays. Whatever model you may choose, be sure to only use a car seat desk when you are parked, for obvious safety reasons.
Car Seat Desk:

Car Seat Desk pictured: AutoExec – AEFILE-02 – FileMaster Efficiency Mobile Office Work Station – Black

Foil Blankets

Foil blankets are in essence, emergency blankets. The idea is simple: the body heat that you lose is reflected by the foil. Note that, being thin, these types of blankets are not good at keeping cold out. They are made to keep heat in. If you buy foil blankets, make sure you find out exactly how to use them properly.
Foil Blankets:

Foil Blankets pictured: Emergency Mylar Blankets – 84″ x 52″ (4 Pack) by Mylar Blankets

Mini Orange Cones

Mini cones are often used for sports, games and dog training. But they are also handy to have in the car. Whether you are an experienced or novice driver, it is always to your advantage to be prepared for any emergency. Having a set of mini orange cones in your trunk, is just as important as having a spare tire, or safety flares. And for an added precaution, make sure to add some reflective tape around each cone for evening or night-time road safety.
Mini Orange Cones:

Mini Orange Cones pictured: Course/Track Cones, Orange 2.75″ (6) by Team Losi

Orange is not the only color mini cones come in.

12 Volt Cooler

On a long road trip, it’s nice to be able to cool down with a nice cold beverage. A 12v. cooler offers this convenience without having to stop and purchase one. Of all the car coolers on the market, the Koolatron Voyager is one of the best, according to user reviews. It has plenty of room for snacks and sodas, and it keeps these items nice and cold. A great travelling companion that any trucker or long-distance traveller can’t be without.
12 Volt Cooler:
12 Volt Cooler - b
12 Volt Cooler pictured: Dometic CFX-65DZUS Portable Electric Cooler Refrigerator/Freezer – 61 Liters