Child’s Lap Desk

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For long trips in the car, it’s great to have the kids happy and occupied. A lap desk lets them play with toys, color, read or eat on their very own little table. Do research these desks carefully before buying, to see if they provide the stability and most importantly safety your children deserve.
Child’s Lap Desk:

Child’s Lap Desk pictured: Star Kids Snack and Play Travel Tray

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Plastic Teething Rails

If you are thinking of getting plastic teething rail covers for your baby’s crib, you should do some research on the various models available. Several users on Amazon complain that they do not stick properly from the beginning, or that they come off too easily, so make sure you read user reviews before you buy.
Plastic Teething Rails:
Plastic Teething Rails - r
Plastic Teething Rails pictured: Kidkusion Extra Wide Gummi Crib Rail Cover, Clear, in extra-wide and regular sizes.

Portable Side Rails for Beds

When my mother babysits my niece, she always uses side rails on the bed. She’s one of those kids that moves around a lot when she sleeps, and side rails keep her from falling out of bed. When my niece goes back home, my mother simply removes the rails and stores them in the closet.
Portable Side Rails for Beds:

Portable Side Rails for Beds pictured: Regalo Hide Away Bed Rail – White.