Handheld Bidet Spray Unit

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Now you can get the bidet experience without having to buy one, thanks to a handheld bidet sprayer. They are easy to attach to your existing toilet, and usually do not require a plumber. Once you’re spoiled with a bidet spray, you’ll never want to go back.
Handheld Bidet Spray Unit:

Handheld Bidet Spray Unit pictured: RinseWorks Aquaus Handheld Bidet by Mini-Shower

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Lighted Rain Shower Head

A lighted shower rain head is not just cool looking. It also tells you the temperature range of the water by changing colors. And don’t worry, there are no batteries involved. The LED is powered by a tiny generator that is driven by the flow of the water!
Lighted Rain Shower Head:

Lighted Rain Shower Head pictured: Akdy Bathroom Chrome LED Shower Head 9″ Az6023 Rain Style