Dressy jumpsuits with sleeves

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Sophisticated and classy are two words that are usually not used when describing a jumpsuit. However, there are dressy jumpsuits in the world of fashion that can be worn in both casual and formal settings. The difference all depends on what you wear with the jumpsuit. For more formal settings, an elegant necklace coupled with a designer belt and high heel shoes can really dress the jumpsuit up.
Dressy jumpsuits with sleeves:
Dressy jumpsuits with sleeves
Dressy jumpsuits with sleeves pictured:
1- Dear-Lover Women’s Embellished Cuffs Long Mesh Sleeves Jumpsuit, black-6424
2- KOH KOH Women’s Long Sleeve Metallic Belt Formal Chic Stylish Jumpsuit, brown/latte
3- Cfanny Women’s Bell Sleeves Tunic Wide Leg Jumpsuits, black
4- Great Deals 4 U Now Women’s Wrap V Neck Sexy Long Sleeve Guacho Leg Romper Jumpsuit, red

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Long sleeve one-piece bodysuit

A long sleeve bodysuit may be great for when you need to wear it as shape-wear or slim-wear, but keep in mind that some bodysuits have a sheer fabric and may need to be worn more as a bottom layer than as a primary garment. If you do end up wearing the bodysuit alone, or paired with slacks or a skirt, you may want to add a sports bra or tank top to the mix, leaving a little more to the imagination!
Long sleeve one piece bodysuit:
Long sleeve one piece bodysuit
Long sleeve one-piece bodysuits pictured:
Left: G2 Chic Women’s Open Back Solid Bodysuit with Long Sleeves, royal blue
Right: Franato Women’s Slimming Long Sleeve Open Crotch Body Shapers

Plus-size sexy dresses

Sexy means different things to different people, and so when you are shopping for a sexy dress, you may be looking for something revealing and daring, or something more subtle and sophisticated. Fortunately there are plenty of models to choose from. Some are considered “club wear”, and these tend to be short and flashy, other are sexy because they are elegant and form fitting, showing off your curves. Whatever you pick, remember to get something that fits well.
Plus-size sexy dresses:
Plus-size sexy dresses
Plus-size sexy dresses pictured:
Left: Dreamgirl Women’s Plus-Size After Dark Retro Style Halter Illusion Dress
Middle: NNW Plus Size Pink Lipstick Womens Plus Size Black Mini Tube Dress
Right: Dreamgirl Plus Size Harrogate Nights Fringe Club Dress

Womens leather shirts

Leather shirts are often made of some kind of faux-leather, not only because of the high cost of the real thing, but also because the synthetic fabrics offer certain advantages. They can be made thinner and more supple, and they are easier to work with. That being said, they don’t have the quite the same feel, allure and they probably won’t last as long as real leather, which not only keeps looking good for a long time, but actually improves with age.
Womens leather shirts:
womens leather shirts
Womens leather shirts pictured:
Left: Armani Exchange Womens Leather Peplum Top
Middle: Vince Women’s Vince Leather Tank Top in Olive
Right: Dona Michi Leather Womens Tailor fitted Leather Shirt, inside and outside Pockets

Brown long johns

Although it makes sense to wear clothes made of thicker fabric when the weather gets cold, another option is to simply wear more layers. In fact, some say this will keep you warmer than one layer of thick fabric. Long Johns are a way of adding a layer, and they are especially useful when it comes to keeping your legs warm. Although the standard color for long underwear is white, they can be found in many other colors.
Brown long johns:
brown long johns
Brown long johns pictured:
Left: Lucky CoupleĀ® Men’s Thermal Union Suit-Crewneck Top and Ankle Length Bottom
Middle: Womens Lightweight Ultra Soft Microfiber Fleece Lined Thermal Underwear Long John Set
Right: DGG Men’s Bright Colour Long Johns Thermal Sleeprwear Round Neck Thin Suits, coffee