iPad desk mount

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The increasing popularity of the iPad has spawned third party accessory manufacturers that make a wide variety of cool additions for the iPad. An iPad desk mount is one such addition that enables the user to attach an iPad to either a fixed mount, which is securely fastened to one’s desk, or a movable mount which can be moved around to be placed on a table, counter or desk. One thing to keep in mind before buying a desk mount is to make sure the mount is compatible with the iPad version that you own.
iPad desk mount:

iPad desk mount pictured: LUXA2 H4 Aluminum iPad Holder Stand LH0006 by Thermaltake

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USB Powered Computer Speakers

No matter what laptop you buy or how much you have paid, chances are the stereo speakers built into the case will be ok for skyping or listening to news programs, but if you want to enjoy a movie, CD or your collection of tunes, the speakers just won’t cut it. USB powered computer speakers can turn a tinny, no bass sounding audio or video file into a much more palatable audio experience. Keep in mind however, that you still won’t get booming bass and rich tones coming from a small set of speakers, but it will sound a whole lot better than what you hear with just the built-in speakers.
USB Powered Computer Speakers:

USB Powered Computer Speakers pictured: Philips SPA2210/27 Notebook USB Speakers

USB powered fan

Having to work all day at home or at an office is no fun when there’s a heat wave going on and no central air or AC to keep you cool and motivated. In situations like this, a usb powered fan can really make a difference, albeit a slight one given that the small and lightweight powered fan doesn’t generate that much cool air. But it does give out enough to go from miserable to tolerable until you can get into some air conditioned comfort. Great for desktops and laptops.
USB powered fan:

USB powered fan pictured: IO Crest Mini USB Powered Desktop Cooling Fan SY-ACC65055

Computer monitor riser

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If you’re constantly on the computer, and your table or computer desk is not high enough, you may have experienced some sort of neck strain from looking down at the monitor. A solution to this is to invest a few dollars in a computer monitor riser. A monitor riser can help reduce eye and neck strain by raising your computer monitor to eye level without the hassle of having to raise the height of your desk. A computer monitor riser works great with laptops as well.
Computer monitor riser:

Computer monitor riser pictured: Rolodex 82445 Distinctions Monitor Stand, Rich Cherry Wood/Black Metal

Another advantage of a riser is that it gives you extra storage space instantly. The space below the monitor can be used for storing paper, pens or other office supplies.

Laptop computer shoulder bag

One of the first accessories you should look into after buying a laptop is a good laptop shoulder bag to carry it around in. If you do a lot of daily traveling to an from your home, school or office, you want a shoulder bag that has a comfortable strap and plenty of extra storage compartments for a cell phone, iPod and other personal mobile electronic devices. Plus the inside of the bag needs to hold the laptop, or tablet, tight so as to not move around a lot when you’re walking or running for the bus.
Laptop computer shoulder bag:

Laptop computer shoulder bag pictured: Case Logic DLC-115 15.6-Inch Laptop and Tablet Briefcase (Black)

Also of interest: Case Logic MLA-116 15.6-Inch Laptop and iPad® Attaché (Black) / Mobile Edge Eco-friendly Canvas Messenger Bag (Green) / Belkin Core Laptop Backpack (Pitch Black/Soft Gray) fits up to 15.6-Inch laptops