Colored Glass Bottles for Bottle Tree

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Making a bottle tree is not just an ecological way to re-use empty bottles, it is a form of artistic expression. Small dead trees or bushes, instead of being uprooted now serve as a sort of canvas, and the paints are the colored glass bottles. A striking and gorgeous natural sculpture that glows beautifully when sunlight passes through it. To make one, you can use old bottles or purchase some in the colors of your choice.
Colored Glass Bottles for Bottle Tree:

Colored Glass Bottles for Bottle Tree pictured: Colored Glass Bottle in Blue w/Cork Stopper ~ 10″ tall, sold by Southern Trinkets.

You may go for an assortment of colors, or just one or two, depending on the effect you are going for. You can also change the bottles depending on the season.

Colored Glass Bottles for Bottle Tree pictured: Colorful Plastic LED Solar Powered Bottle Lights, Hanging Glass Wine Bottle Landscape Lights Perfect Decor For Garden Yard Lawn Party 5 Color TARGOPOP

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Decorative Green Glass Bottles

Green glass bottles have a beautiful glow, especially when the sun shines through them. That is why an ideal spot for them is on a window sill. Put dried flowers in them, different olive oils, rice, whatever you feel like. Even empty they have great decorative appeal.
Decorative Green Glass Bottles:

Decorative Green Glass Bottles example. Pictured: 8.5 oz Lime Green Roma Glass Reed Diffuser Bottle by Couronne 8 – 17 oz Bottles.