Table top swivel TV stand

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Living in small apartment or a one room studio style living space can be a challenge when placing furniture and other items like a TV or stereo. One way of setting things up for maximum use of space, is to place your TV on a table top swivel stand. This way, it doesn’t matter where you are in the room, you can always have the best view by simply revolving the TV to the desired angle.
Table top swivel TV stand:

Table top swivel TV stand pictured: Sanus Systems TV-LCDB Swivel Base for 13-inch to 30-inch LCD Displays

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Cordless floor lamp

While the notion of a cordless floor lamp may sound like a cool idea, there seems to be an issue with the strength of light provided to read by or to do whatever work needs to be done. That being said, being able to carry the lamp in from one room to another when needed is convenient and of course, when having to deal with a black-out, a cordless floor lamp can come in quite handy. Providing of course that you have the batteries needed to power the lamp.
Cordless floor lamp:

Cordless floor lamp pictured: Trademark Cordless Portable Floor Lamp

Wall mounted DVD player shelves

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If you are going for a more minimalist look throughout your home or apartment, you may want to try and minimize the clutter and maximize the space by using wall mounted DVD player shelves for your various entertainment components. DVD players, DVRs, gaming consoles and cable boxes can all fit nicely on a wall mounted shelf, giving your room a more airy, less cluttered feeling or look.
Wall mounted DVD player shelves:

Wall mounted DVD player shelf pictured: Height-Adjustable Wall Component Shelf for DVD or Other AV Equipment – Tempered Glass by Displays2go

Mini wireless microphone

One version of a mini wireless microphone, is a Lavalier – lav for short – a small microphone that can be attached onto or near a sound source that you want to pick up for transmission or to record. For the most part, there are two mini mics or lavs you should consider, omnidirectional and cardioid. Omnidirectional are less likely to pick up wind and clothing noise, while cardioid mics, which are directional, help to minimize ambient room noise.
Mini wireless microphone:

Mini wireless microphone pictured: Pyle-Pro PDWM96 Lavalier Wireless Microphone System

Battery operated cordless table lamps

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If you live in an area with lots of power outages – either caused by hurricanes in summer or ice storms in winter – you most likely have a few flashlights around the house for such emergencies. And while a flashlight may help find your way around the house, it’s definitely hard to read by if the power is out for any great length of time. In such a case, battery operated cordless table lamps can provide more than enough light to read by. Also great for a child’s’ room so they don’t get scared in the dark.
Battery operated cordless table lamps:
Battery operated cordless table lamps - b
Battery operated cordless table lamps pictured:
Left: Ashford Clear Battery Operated Cordless Table Lamp by Modern Lantern
Right: Baluster Battery Operated Cordless Table Lamp by Modern Lantern

Another great thing about these lamps is that you can bring them from room to room without having to plug and unplug them or having to worry about whether there is a free outlet near where you want the lamp. The down side is that battery powered lamps are usually less bright than their corded counterparts.

Battery operated cordless table lamps - c
Clove Battery Operated Cordless Table Lamp by Modern Lantern
Ashford Bronze Battery Operated Cordless Table Lamp by Modern Lantern

Battery operated cordless table lamps - 2
Battery operated cordless table lamps pictured: Left: Graphite Battery Operated Cordless Table Lamp both sold by Modern Lantern / Right: Jade Battery Operated Cordless Table Lamp

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