Outdoor wedding reception tent

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If you have ever dreamed about having an outdoor wedding in your backyard for your son or daughter, you might want to consider investing in an outdoor wedding reception tent. The last thing you want to have happen is for mother nature to come calling with wind and rain resulting in the wedding party and guests scrambling for a dry location. Outdoor tents are relatively easy to setup and tear down for the next event, but should not be kept upright over night.
Outdoor wedding reception tent:
Outdoor wedding reception tent
Outdoor wedding reception tent pictured: Palm Springs 10- x 30-Foot White Party Tent Gazebo Canopy with Sidewalls

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Life-size Santa Claus decoration

Whether for inside or outside, a life size Santa Clause decoration can be a fun way to bring in the holiday season for you, your children and your neighbors. There are a variety of life-size Santas to choose from with each one having a unique feature. There are decorative Santas that can dance and sing in English and Spanish, there are some sitting Santas with presents all around them, while others sport a more traditional Saint Nick outfit. There’s even a life size Santa standing alongside Mrs. Clause as well.
Life-size Santa Claus decoration:
Life-size Santa Claus decoration
Life-size Santa Claus decorations pictured:
Middle: Huge 6 Foot Life-Size Sitting Santa Claus with Presents by Sterling
Right: Huge 6 Foot Life-Size Deluxe Burgundy Velvet Santa Claus – Sitting or Standing by Vickerman

Stainless steel bar cart

If you enjoy hosting parties for friends and/or family, and you don’t have the space to add in a full size bar area, a stainless steel bar cart makes for a great serving station that can be rolled around to where you need it. More importantly however, the bar cart can be a very decorative piece that can complement a room and add an appealing modern aesthetic. The various colors and styles of the bottles can also add to the contemporary look of the cart.
Stainless steel bar cart:

Stainless steel bar cart pictured: Alfresco ADT-14 14-Inch Built-In Bartender with Sink

Silk flower arrangements for weddings

There’s something magical about a wedding and no matter what month, there can be the added beauty of silk flower arrangements adorning each and every table. And once the party is over, one guest from each table can be given the arrangement to have as a lasting memory. There are also silk rose petals you can order to make a walking path for the bride as she approaches the altar. No matter the climate, silk flowers are always in bloom.
Silk flower arrangements for weddings:

Silk flower arrangements for weddings pictured: Left: Mini Calla Lily Silk Flower Arrangement by Nearly Natural / Right: Nearly Natural Lilac Silk Flower Arrangement

Velvet rope stanchion posts

Whether you own a theater, nightclub, art gallery or restaurant, chances are you have had moments where there were just too many people to control. For such a purpose a few velvet rope stanchion posts strategically placed in front of the door or other public/private area can help the flow of public traffic by delineating where they are supposed to walk or mingle. Of course, one should also have a door man or if need be, a bouncer, to maintain that flow.
Velvet rope stanchion posts:

Velvet rope stanchion posts pictured: Set of 2 Round Top Polished Brass Stanchion Posts with 6.5′ Burgundy Red Velvet Rope by QueuePole, sold by Displays2go.