Black tungsten rings for women

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Black tungsten rings for women and men are simple and elegant pieces of jewelry that need to be properly cared for to last a good long time. Cleaning your tungsten ring is as simple as washing it with with warm water and mild soap as you lightly rub the surface of the ring. You don’t want to use steam or harsh chemicals on your ring as this may mar the finish. Do this somewhat regularly and your ring’s luster should last a lifetime.
Black tungsten rings for women:

Black tungsten ring for women pictured: Bling Jewelry 4mm Tungsten Carbide Black Unisex Ring

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Pink rings for women

If you’re looking for a way to celebrate a special event in your wife’s or daughter’s life, a pink ring with a cubic zirconias center or any other jeweled setting can be the perfect way of letting them know how much you care. In fact, the ring really doesn’t have to be pink but whatever color the women in your life like. The idea is not so much the color, but rather, the thought which can be way more important.
Pink rings for women:

Pink rings for women pictured: Left: Thorsten Rings ROSA Women’s Beveled Black Ceramic Ring with Pink Carbon Fiber Inlay – 4mm / Right: Polished Stainless Steel Wedding Band Ring With Pink Cubic Zirconias in Center from Crazy2Shop.

Tungsten rings for women

The traditional gold wedding ring with a huge diamond rock in the center is still the ring of choice for many newly engaged couples, but there is a beautiful and inexpensive alternative that many couples are opting for: Tungsten rings. Tungsten rings are made from one of Earth’s hardest metals and won’t scratch or become dull. They are an excellent choice for couples who enjoy active lifestyles and are made to last a lifetime, much like your wedding vows.
Tungsten rings for women:

Tungsten ring for women pictured: Amazon Curated Collection Women’s Black Titanium Round-Cut Pink Sapphire Ring with Pink Anodized Channel

Tungsten rings are often black or dark grey.

Tungsten wedding rings for men

Tungsten is a popular choice for wedding rings because it is extremely heavy-duty and very durable, and it will retain its surface polish through the harshest of conditions. Still, some Tungsten rings are of lesser quality and can chip or scratch easily. A safe bet when purchasing a Tungsten ring is to go with the masculine Tungsten Infinity collection of tungsten carbide wedding rings. This is a premium ring and will keep its shine and luster after all the others have faded.
Tungsten wedding rings for men:

Tungsten wedding ring for men pictured: 9MM High Polish / Matte Finish Men’s Tungsten Ring Wedding Band Sizes 6 to 15, by Metal Masters Co.

Womens engagement rings

When thinking about popping the big question, looking at womens engagement rings can be very scary. Not because the ring represents your life commitment to her, but for some women, the cost of the ring can be considered a measure of how much you really love her. The best thing to do, especially if you have a small budget, is to discuss what kind of ring you want to buy with your soon to be fiance and how much you can comfortably spend.
Womens engagement rings:

Womens engagement rings example. Pictured: BERRICLE Sterling Silver Ring Round Cubic Zirconia CZ Ring 1.79 – Nickel Free Engagement Wedding Ring. Sold by BERRICLE