Silicone Spatulas

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Scratching your pots and pans can be a problem with metal spatulas. Silicone models are gentle on non-stick surfaces and they look great too. They come in many attractive colors, so feel free to hang them on a wall to show them off and add accents of color to your kitchen decor. These are becoming more and more popular, and many manufacturers are jumping on the silicone bandwagon. Why? Because they work.
Silicone Spatulas:

Silicone Spatulas example. Pictured: Elizabeth Karmel’s Super Silicone Fish Spatula with Offset Handle by HIC Brands That Cook.

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Silicone Cooking Tongs

Why get silicone cooking tongs? 1-They will not scratch your pots and pans like metal tongs do. This is especially important if you own non-stick pans. 2-They will not melt like plastic ones can, if left in a hot pan, unatended. 3-They handle food more gently than regular tongs, which is important when you make more delicate dishes. 4-They are dishwasher safe. 5-They come in great colors which can complement the look of your kitchen.
Silicone Cooking Tongs:

Silicone Cooking Tongs pictured: MSC Joie 9-Inch Devil Cooking Tongs