Black laundry basket

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If your laundry hamper is situated in the laundry room, it might not be a big deal what it looks like. But if you have one in other rooms of the house, you might want one that can blend in nicely with the decor or color theme of the room. A black laundry basket can fit nicely in most rooms as a neutral color and depending on the material it is made from, can be a complementary addition to its surroundings.
Black laundry basket:

Black laundry baskets pictured: Left: Quality Rattan Design – 23″ Water Hyacinth Rush Grass Laundry Clothes Hamper Basket – 3 Colors (black pictured) by ORIENTAL FURNITURE / Right: 2.0Bushel BLK Hamper, black by HMS

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Kids clothes hamper

If you have spent a lot of energy and time decorating your little one’s bedroom in a particular theme like sports or popular cartoon characters, why not add a clothes hamper that reflects that theme to complete the look. There are a great many kids clothes hampers that feature fun images like baseball and car racing, as well as Disney princess characters or Toy Story characters. Not only will your children get used to throwing their dirty clothes in the hamper, they’ll love how it looks in their room.
Kids clothes hamper:

Kids clothes hampers pictured: Left: Whitmor 6256-3902 Sport-Kid’s Collapsible Laundry Hamper / Right: Disney Princess Square Pop-Up Hamper

Decorative hampers

If you live in a decent size house, you probably have a separate laundry room where you can keep all your dirty laundry pretty much sight unseen from those who visit or drop in unannounced. However, if you live in a smaller space like an apartment or dorm room, you might want to consider keeping your dirty clothes in a stylish decorative hamper that will look good in any room.
Decorative hampers:

Decorative hampers pictured: Left: Round Open Bamboo Hamper with Liner, Brown Stain by Kouboo / Right: Rectangular Box Bamboo Hamper with Liner, Black Stain by Kouboo

Cool laundry hampers

There’s no denying that picking up dirty clothes and doing the laundry is pretty much a chore that is probably not on everyone’s favorite things to do list. However, it needs to be done and there’s no getting around it. A laundry hamper helps out a bit barbecue you can toss all the dirty clothes in it and carry it or wheel it to the laundry room which helps to make things a little easier. And whether you have a really cool laundry hamper, or a “boring” old one, as long as the hamper is not broken or falling apart, then one is probably just as good as another.
Cool laundry hampers:

Cool laundry hampers pictured: Left: CreativeWare Fold N Store Hamper, red / Right: Lamont Home Brights Apartment Hamper, Grape

Wood laundry hamper with lid

If you don’t have a laundry hamper to keep dirty clothes out of sight, things can get messy rather quickly. A wood laundry hamper is both a functional container to keep your clothes in and a nice looking piece of furniture that can fit in most rooms without anyone suspecting that it holds dirty clothes. Great for small homes or apartments with limited space.
Wood laundry hamper with lid:

Wood laundry hamper with lid pictured: Oceanstar BHV0100W Bowed Front Veneer Laundry Wood Hamper with Interior Bag, in natural and white finish.