Extra large stainless steel dog bowls

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No matter the size of dog you may own, extra large stainless steel dog bowls can be a convenient way to provide your faithful pet with plenty of food and water when you know you’ll be away for longer than normal. Simply fill his or her water bowl up to near the brim while filling the dry food bowl with double the serving you normally feed your pooch with the hope that your dog won’t gulp it all down in one feeding.
Extra large stainless steel dog bowls:

Extra large stainless steel dog bowls pictured: Top: Our Pets Durapet Food Bowl 4.5 Qt / Bottom: Stainless Steel Mirror Pet Dish by Ethical Pet

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Outdoor canopy dog bed

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If your dog spends a lot of time in the back-yard, treat him or her to their very own made-in-the-shade outdoor canopy dog bed. A canopy dog bed provides an off the ground platform for your dog to rest or sleep on while the canopy part helps to shield your pooch from the harsh sun. One thing to keep in mind when you buy a dog canopy bed is to allow your dog to approach it on their own. You can try to get them to lie on it right away, but it’s best to let them figure it out for themselves.
Outdoor canopy dog bed:

Outdoor canopy dog bed pictured: Puppywalk Breezy Bed Ultra royale, For Dogs up to 100 Pounds by Kittywalk Systems Inc

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Adjustable dog collar for large dogs

Do you walk your dog or does your dog walk you? Chances are if you own a large dog you know what I’m talking about. One of the problems sometimes with owning a large dog is finding the right fit for their collar. This is where you might want to think about purchasing an adjustable dog collar. This especially works if you have a dog with lots of fur and then decide to get it cut. With an adjustable dog collar you just need to tighten or loosen the collar and you’re ready to go.
Adjustable dog collar for large dogs:

Adjustable dog collar for large dogs pictured: Hamilton 1-Inch Adjustable Dog Collar, Large, Fits 18-Inch by 26-Inch

Pet grooming scissors for dogs

If you find that pet grooming services for your dog are draining on the old pocketbook you could consider buying a decent set of pet grooming scissors. As one might expect, their are many variations on the market but if you do an Amazon search you’ll find that very satisfied customers recommend ball-tipped scissors the most when it comes to the safety of cutting around the ear, nose and mouth of your dog. As usual, do as much research as you can before going ahead with any purchase.
Pet grooming scissors for dogs:

Pet grooming scissors for dogs pictured: Scaredy Cut ® Silent Clipper Home Pet Grooming – for Cats and Dogs, sold by Scaredy Cut.

Extra large dog bowls

As pet owners, it makes sense to really only want the best for our pets. If you own big dogs or find that their water or food bowl is empty more than it is full, then consider purchasing an extra large dog bowl for your furry friend. There are some that hold up to four and a half quarts of water or dog food which should keep your dog happy, hydrated and well fed.
Extra large dog bowls:

Extra large dog bowls example. Pictured: Our Pets Durapet Food Bowl 4.5 Qt