White Melamine Storage Cabinets

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When all you need is a functional, basic storage cabinet, then a simple white melamine cabinet is the way to go. White blends in with any other color, and melamine is easy to clean. Ideal for the basement, laundry room, or anywhere where storage is needed.
White Melamine Storage Cabinets:
White Melamine Storage Cabinets - r
White Melamine Storage Cabinets pictured:
left: Prepac Elite 32″ Storage Cabinet
right: Prepac Elite 16″ Base Cabinet

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Resin Garage Storage Cabinets

For garage storage, practicality is all important. You want something functional and durable. Resin storage cabinets are perfect for the garage, in that they don’t rust like metal or absorb moisture like wood. They are easy to clean and fairly inexpensive. The perfect storage solution for the garage or basement.
Resin Garage Storage Cabinets:
Resin Garage Storage Cabinets - r
Resin Garage Storage Cabinets pictured: Rubbermaid Resin Storage Cabinet

Particle Board Storage Cabinets

In rooms where storage is more important than looks, there is no need to pay extra for cabinets with fancy finishes. Particle board is inexpensive and does the job. If the room tends to be humid, such as a garage or a basement, you may want to elevate the cabinets so they do not touch the floor directly. Particle board tends to act like a wick.
Particle Board Storage Cabinets:
Particle Board Storage Cabinets
Particle Board Storage Cabinet pictured: South Shore Morgan Collection Storage Cabinet, Morgan Cherry

Doll Clothes Storage Cabinet

If you collect dolls, you know that doll clothes and accessories tend to accumulate quickly. Although many collectors simply use plastic storage boxes, a nice storage cabinet certainly looks much better, and fits in well with the doll furniture you already have. A must for doll enthusiasts.
Doll Clothes Storage Cabinet:

Doll Clothes Storage Cabinet pictured: Our Generation Wooden Trunk