Heavy duty locking casters

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If you need heavy duty casters, you are probably going to stay away from plastic. It just isn’t as solid as metal is. On many casters, the wheels themselves might be plastic, or the brake mechanism, or both. When all parts are made of metal, except for the rubber wheels, of course, you are more likely to have a caster that will support bigger loads and last a long time.
Heavy duty locking casters:
heavy duty locking casters
Heavy duty locking casters pictured: 4″ Heavy Duty Toolbox Caster Set with Polyolefin Wheels – 500 Lbs Capacity per Caster by Service Caster

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Canvas basket truck

If you have ever been behind the scenes at a post office, you have no doubt seen those large basket trucks they use to manually move large amounts of mail around the facility. There are similar canvas or vinyl basket trucks that you can use for other purposes as well. Large amounts of laundry can easily be carted from room to room with these basket trucks and they can also be used when dealing with home projects and renovations.
Canvas basket truck:
Canvas basket truck
Canvas basket trucks pictured:
Top: RELIUS SOLUTIONS Basket Trucks by ROYAL – Natural
Bottom: RELIUS SOLUTIONS Heavy-Duty Basket Trucks by ROYAL – Natural

Motorized wheelbarrow

Using a wheelbarrow to carry loads of heavy earth, car parts, cinder blocks, and whatever else you can throw into it can be a big help when having to move this stuff from point A to point B. But a better way, and much easier on the muscles, back and joints, is a motorized wheelbarrow that can handle heavy loads while going up steep hills or over rugged terrain. Simply steer the wheelbarrow and let it do the heavy lifting on its own.
Motorized wheelbarrow:

Motorized wheelbarrow pictured: Troy-Bilt Pack Horse 500-Pound Capacity 6 Cubic Foot 190cc Briggs & Stratton 650 Series Gas Powered Wheelbarrow

Of course these are far more expensive than regular wheelbarrows, put the price is justified considering how much it can speed up your work, and how it can save you from painful muscles.

Garden loppers

Garden loopers are a popular gardening tool used for thick branches, shrubs and brush that have grown out-of-bounds, requiring more strength to prune or cut. Because you need to use extra arm strength, try to do some of the lifting and clipping with support from your shoulder blades and keep your forearm and hand as straight as possible without bending your wrist to avoid soreness or strain.
Garden loppers:

Garden loppers pictured: Fiskars 9154 PowerGear 32-Inch Bypass Lopper

Tool carrier bag

No matter what kind of tradesman you are, electrician, construction worker, welder, or plumber, it goes without saying that you need good quality tools to get the job done right. Caring for your tools is just as important, which is why a tool carrier bag is paramount in keeping your tools in good working order, free from rust and other damaging occurrences. When looking for a quality tool carrier bag, make sure you get one that is waterproof with lots of vertical pockets inside and out. Another handy feature would be a shoulder strap so that you can have both hands free to carry larger items if need be.
Tool carrier bag:

Tool carrier bag pictured: VETO PRO PAC Model LC Tool Bag