Childrens plastic slides

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What child doesn’t like going down a slide? You may not want to install a full-sized metal slide in your backyard, but you could easily get a smaller plastic version that toddlers will love. If you have enough room, you could even place the slide inside your house, so that the kids can enjoy it even when the weather is not cooperating. These types of slide usually can be folded up, so that they are fairly easy to store.
Childrens plastic slides:
childrens plastic slides
Childrens plastic slide pictured: Little Tikes Easy Store Large Slide

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Home rock climbing wall for kids

If you have the time, energy, financial means and the long-term commitment to build a home rock climbing wall for your kids, the benefits should greatly outweigh the initial amount of work involved. Whether you buy pre-made molded rock formation panels, or you decide to build it on your own, just make sure you have a large enough room to accommodate the materials and that you have the right tools and wall mounting hardware needed for a safe and secure rock climbing experience.
Home rock climbing wall for kids:
Home rock climbing wall for kids
Home rock climbing wall for kids pictured: Superior Traverse Climbing Wall Panel 8 x 4 With Mat by Everlast

Panels that have the “rocks” embedded in them can be bought by the unit.

Princess sofa bed

If your daughter loves princesses and also loves to have friends or cousins come over for sleepovers, a princess sofa bed would be an ideal addition to her room or to the playroom. These sofas are usually kid-sized, and sometimes made of foam, so they are very easy to move around, and take up little room. Quality varies greatly, so check reviews online before you buy.
Princess sofa bed:
Princess sofa bed
Princess sofa bed pictured: Disney Princess Flip Out Loveseat

Toddler art desk

When your little artist gets the creative itch, a toddler art desk can be a very practical addition to his or her bedroom, play-room or family-room. The majority of models and styles come complete with separate compartments and drawers to keep the usual art supplies in and are usually quite rugged, durable and easy to clean. That being said, make sure to get one that has a work surface that also doubles as a dry erase board so your kids can doodle and mess up the surface without you having to spend a lot of time cleaning up after them.
Toddler art desk:

Toddler art desks pictured:
left: Step2 Art Master Activity Desk
right: Step2 Flip and Doodle Easel Desk with Stool

Thick playmat

As your little ones get older and enter the rough and tumble phase of playtime, having a few thick play-mats around the house can give you a little more peace of mind that they are not going to hurt themselves on your tiled or hard wood floors. Thick play-mats are also great for your little budding gymnasts as they practice their routines at home.
Thick playmat: