Leather laptop tote bag for women

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When you are on the go and need to carry your laptop around with you at all times, do it in style with a leather laptop tote bag for women. The majority of laptop tote bags are not only designed to hold all of your mobile devices, there are also compartments for books, wallets, daytime planners and you can even stash your make-up in there if need be.
Leather laptop tote bag for women:
Leather laptop tote bag for women
Leather laptop tote bag for women pictured:
Left: Siamod Monterosso Collection Serra Ladies Laptop Tote, black
Right: McKlein USA W Series Hillside Laptop Tote, red

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Leather travel wallets for women

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When traveling, either around the country or internationally, it is always a good idea to be carrying as little as possible as you walk around your destination, taking in the sights. Travel wallets are a good way to keep all your valued documents, like passport and birth certificate, along with cash, in one relatively small carrying case that can be easily concealed on your person and kept close at all times.
Leather travel wallets for women:

Leather travel wallets for women pictured: Royce Leather Overside Airline Ticket & Passport Holder

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Hard shell luggage set

With all the issues and concerns surrounding travel these days, the last thing you want to have to worry about is whether or not your luggage will arrive at your destination damaged. A hard shell luggage set should give you a break from worrying about your stuff as they are designed to take a beating. For extra caution, look for hard shell luggage that features ABS protection. This type of protection will keep your luggage’s shape no matter how much pressure is placed upon, simply popping back into place when the pressure is lifted keeping it free from dents.
Hard shell luggage set:

Hard shell luggage set pictured: Zota Collection Travel Luggage 3 Piece Set Hardshell Spinner ABS Silver

Leather rolling duffle bag

If you travel a lot, you know the convenience that a leather rolling duffel bag can provide. Simply adjust the pull handle to your comfort and you’ll be strolling through the airport or train station with ease. And when you are ready to board, simply push the handle back into the bag and use the bag as a carry-on to store in the overhead compartment for easy access.
Leather rolling duffle bag:

Leather rolling duffle bag pictured: Cenzo Wheelie Trolley Suitcase Rolling Duffle

Leather passport wallet

The focus on travel security these days is an understandable concern. With technology leading the way in both positive and negative applications, something as simple as a passport can provide personal and valuable information to both security personnel and identity hackers. In this regard, some enterprising companies have designed a leather passport wallet that can not only hold your passport, personal travel papers, cash and credit cards, but can also shield your most private RFID info from being hacked and scanned by identity thieves. Definitely a smarter way to travel.
Leather passport wallet:

Leather passport wallet pictured: Saddleback Leather Passport Wallet without RFID Shield, by Saddleback Leather Co. Color: Coffee Brown