Adjustable memory foam bed

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If the quality of your sleep is important to you, and you have the budget to ensure that quality, then you might want to consider purchasing an adjustable memory foam bed. These beds sometimes come equipped with two remote controls, providing individual settings on one side without disturbing or altering the settings on the other side.
Adjustable memory foam bed:
Adjustable memory foam bed
Adjustable memory foam bed pictured: DynastyMattress Split King 12-Inch CoolBreeze GEL Memory Foam Mattress with S-Cape Adjustable Beds Set Sleep System Leggett & Platt Made in USA!

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Stacked gas washer and dryer

If you’re thinking about purchasing a stacked washer and dryer as a means to save space or to conserve energy, it is best to research which type of machine, gas or electric, will benefit you more in the long run. However, before you even begin the decision making process, you need to verify which type of hook-up your home or apartment offers. Once you know, you can then begin to research which machine will be best for you and your family.
Stacked gas washer and dryer:
Stacked gas washer and dryer - 2
Stacked gas washer and dryers pictured:
Left: GE GTUP270GMWW Spacemaker 9.2 Cu. Ft. White Gas Washer/Dryer Combo
Right: Whirlpool WGT3300XQ 5.9 Cu. Ft. White Gas Washer/Dryer Combo

Interior folding accordion doors

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When you’re looking to add privacy to an open room or small space, but you don’t have the budget for new doors, a cheaper alternative would be to install interior folding accordion doors. Folding doors are relatively easy to install and can also be used as a substitute for wood doors when an existing door needs to be removed because it gets in the way of your space when opened. Think small closet or kitchen pantry.
Interior folding accordion doors:
Interior folding accordion doors
Interior folding accordion doors pictured:
Left: Wallscapes VS3280F Spectrum Via 24 to 36 by 80-Inch Fruitwood Accordion Folding Door
Right: 48×80 WHT Folding Door by Ltl Home Products Inc

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Colored glass spice jars with lids

Whether you are using colored glass jars to keep your bulk spices organized, or you are giving away home-made food items like jams, jellies or pickles, there are a couple of things you need to keep in mind. One is that the jars need to feature an air tight seal-able lid to keep the freshness and quality up to par. And two, when buying colored glass jars, make sure that they are not just clear jars with tinted film wrap. If this is the case, the film may peel off and that may be something you don’t want happening.
Colored glass spice jars with lids:
Colored glass jars with lids
Colored glass jars with lids pictured: Glass Spice Jars by RSVP, Available in 3 vivid colors — green, red, or blue