Swim pants for women

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Why wear swim pants rather than a bathing suit? Sometimes people wear them not so much for swimming, but for occasional dips at the beach, or for sports like kayaking or water aerobics. Some like to wear them because they provide sun protection, while for others it may be a way to avoid chafing, or it may simply be out of modesty. If they fit well and are comfortable they could also be used as yoga pants or for for any type of workout.
Swim pants for women:
Swim pants for women
Swim pants for women pictured:
1-Bohn Swimwear Ladies 3/4 Length Swim Leggings, black
2-Swim Pants – Swim Tights – Swimming Pants for Men and Women by Stingray Australia, navy blue
3-Coolibar UPF 50+ Women’s Capri Swim Tights – Sun Protective, Cobalt Heather Stripe
4-Coolibar UPF 50+ Women’s Swim Tights – Sun Protective, cobalt

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Heavy duty locking casters

If you need heavy duty casters, you are probably going to stay away from plastic. It just isn’t as solid as metal is. On many casters, the wheels themselves might be plastic, or the brake mechanism, or both. When all parts are made of metal, except for the rubber wheels, of course, you are more likely to have a caster that will support bigger loads and last a long time.
Heavy duty locking casters:
heavy duty locking casters
Heavy duty locking casters pictured: 4″ Heavy Duty Toolbox Caster Set with Polyolefin Wheels – 500 Lbs Capacity per Caster by Service Caster

Full size loft beds for adults

There is no doubt that kids love loft beds, mostly because they are just plain fun. But there is plenty for adults to appreciate too. These beds save a lot of space, which is ideal when dealing with a small room or apartment. The area under the bed can be used to put a small couch, a dresser, or even a desk. In fact some models come with desks incorporated into their design.
Full size loft beds for adults:
full size loft beds for adults
Full size loft beds for adults pictured: Dorel Home Products Abode Full Size Loft Bed, Black by DHP

White shower caddy

White is a very common color when it comes to bathrooms. It reflects a lot of light, and so it helps keep the room bright. When it comes to bathroom accessories such as shower caddies, shower curtains, medicine cabinets and towel bars, white is an obvious choice. Or you could get these items in bright colors, as an easy way to break up the whiteness of the room.
White shower caddies:
white shower caddy
White shower caddies pictured:
Left: Zenna Home 480W, Corner Bath and Shower Caddy, White by ZPC Zenith Products Corporation
Right: 1 piece of Metal Vinyl-Coated Shower Caddy – 21.5″H by Mighty Gadget

In terms of shower caddies, there a many options to choose from, regardless of color. First there is the choice of materials.

Gaming TV stands

With the ever increasing number of gaming console components and controllers coming out these days, if you are a gaming enthusiast you may find that all these accessories are starting to pile up. A good way to keep all these organized is to get a TV stand that is made with gaming in mind. These have extra shelves and hooks that are made to fit all sorts of controllers, headphones, keyboards, and even the games themselves.
Gaming TV stands:
gaming tv stands
Gaming TV stand pictured: Sauder Booster TV Stand in Twine Finish