Plus-size sexy dresses

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Sexy means different things to different people, and so when you are shopping for a sexy dress, you may be looking for something revealing and daring, or something more subtle and sophisticated. Fortunately there are plenty of models to choose from. Some are considered “club wear”, and these tend to be short and flashy, other are sexy because they are elegant and form fitting, showing off your curves. Whatever you pick, remember to get something that fits well.
Plus-size sexy dresses:
Plus-size sexy dresses
Plus-size sexy dresses pictured:
Left: Dreamgirl Women’s Plus-Size After Dark Retro Style Halter Illusion Dress
Middle: NNW Plus Size Pink Lipstick Womens Plus Size Black Mini Tube Dress
Right: Dreamgirl Plus Size Harrogate Nights Fringe Club Dress

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24-inch Deep-pocket sheets

Mattresses are made thicker than they used to be years ago, and that means that if you have bought a new mattress recently, you may be in need of sheets with deep pockets. Or maybe your mattress is not that deep, but you have put a thick pad on it. Either way, there are sheets designed to solve these problems, and they come in all sizes and plenty of colors as well.
24-inch Deep-pocket sheets:
24-inch Deep-pocket sheets
24-inch Deep-pocket sheets pictured: Egyptian Cotton HIGH CLASS 1200TC 4-Piece Extra Deep Pocket, Sheet Set Fit Upto 24 Inches Deep Pocket, Olympic Queen Size (White Solid Color) by SRP Linen

Corner electric fireplace media console

Why combine a media console with an electric fireplace? Well, for one thing it saves space. Mind you, you could place your TV on just about any stand-alone electric fireplace. The only difference between the regular ones and the ones that are called TV stands, is that the latter usually have a shelf that is perfect for placing a DVD player or cable box, and that shelf often has an opening at the back which is handy for wires to pass through.
Corner electric fireplace media console:
corner electric fireplace media console
Corner electric fireplace media console pictured: Brown Media Fireplace TV Stand Combo Space Saver – 400 Square Feet Electric Space Heater – Entertainment Center for Televisions up to 45 Inches – Has a Removable Corner Shelf and Is Customizable – Great Piece of Space Saving Furniture for the Living Room or Bedroom
by Sumner Corner

Womens leather shirts

Leather shirts are often made of some kind of faux-leather, not only because of the high cost of the real thing, but also because the synthetic fabrics offer certain advantages. They can be made thinner and more supple, and they are easier to work with. That being said, they don’t have the quite the same feel, allure and they probably won’t last as long as real leather, which not only keeps looking good for a long time, but actually improves with age.
Womens leather shirts:
womens leather shirts
Womens leather shirts pictured:
Left: Armani Exchange Womens Leather Peplum Top
Middle: Vince Women’s Vince Leather Tank Top in Olive
Right: Dona Michi Leather Womens Tailor fitted Leather Shirt, inside and outside Pockets

Picture frame tray

Trays in which you can put photographs are a great gift idea. Not only are they practical and attractive, they are also personalized. Just insert pictures in the tray before you offer it to the lucky recipient. It shouldn’t be too hard to make your own picture tray. The only tricky part would be covering the back of the frame so that the nails or screws don’t scratch furniture, or one’s lap, for that matter.
Picture frame tray:
Picture frame tray
Picture frame tray pictured: Sarah Peyton Wooden Photo Serving Tray