Kids Water and Sand Play Table

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Kids love to play in the sand at the beach; digging, piling, mixing… they build castles, dig trenches or make sand and water “recipes”. But most of us, unfortunately, can’t spend all summer at the beach. This is where a water and sand play table comes in handy. It can easily be set up outside or in, and provides children the opportunity to develop manual skills, use their imagination and just plain have fun. Some models come with an umbrella attached, serving as protection from the sun’s rays.
Kids Water and Sand Play Table:

Kids Water and Sand Play Table pictured: Step2 Naturally Playful Sand and Water Activity Center

Kids Water and Sand Play Table pictured: ECR4Kids Sand and Water Play Table with Cover

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Protein Shake Blender Bottle

Blender bottles – perfect for the gym, the office, school, or anywhere you want to enjoy a quick protein shake on the go. Made especially to dissolve powdered protein drinks perfectly, so you don’t get a chalky texture or a bunch of undissolved powder at the bottom of the bottle. Some feature a ball, made to mix even more effectively.
Protein Shake Blender Bottle:

Protein Shake Blender Bottle pictured: Stay Fit Protein Shaker, EZ Freeze by Cool Gear Stay-Fit

Dog Deshedding Tool

The best dog deshedding tool, according to user reviews is the Yellow Furminator. Not only does it clean up lots of loose hair from your dog, it actually prevents further shedding. People are raving about it. Perfect for people with allergies who still love to own a dog. It’s recommended by veterinarians, so you know it’s got to be good.
Dog Deshedding Tool:

Dog Deshedding Tool pictured: Afupet Professional Grade DeShedding Tool – Stainless Steel – For Small Dogs & Cats

Also of interest: Evolution Grooming Undercoat Rake with Rotating Teeth / FurGOpet Deshedding Kit, 4″ Deshedding Tool for Dogs + Comb + Slicker Brush / Furminator deShedding Tool – For Long Hair Dogs in Small

Mens Low Rise Jeans

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Why choose low-rise jeans? For one thing, if you like to tuck in your shirt, you get a much better look with a pair of jeans that has a low cut waist. Another reason would be if you like to wear belts. Wearing a belt around your belly button just isn’t comfortable. For whatever reason you may like them, low rise jeans look great and feel great.
Mens Low Rise Jeans:
Mens Low Rise Jeans - 2
Men’s Low Rise Jeans pictured:
left: G-Star Raw Men’s Attac Low-Rise Straight-Fit Jean in Medium Aged
middle: Krralinlin Men’s Slim Fit Casual Low Rise Tight Blue Skinny Denim Jeans Pants
right: Men Eagle blue Low rise slim straight distressed medium blue jeans

Brazilian Jeans

Brazilian jeans are made to make the most of a woman’s derriere. They lift and support in all the right places to bring out the beauty of one of women’s best assets. They are carefully styled to fit the hips tightly and properly while still fitting perfectly in the back. They let you look and feel great. Some companies make jeans that actually help lift the butt.
Brazilian Jeans:
Brazilian Jeans Brazilian Jeans pictured: U-Turn Style 375 Brazilian and Colombian butt lifter (Levanta Cola) skinny leg fashion stretch denim.