Plastic file cabinet on wheels

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The notion of a plastic filing cabinet on wheels seems to be a great way to move files and documents around the office easily. However, you need to make sure that the file cabinet you buy is sturdy with a strong wheel base. Reviews from Amazon reveal that a majority of these plastic file cabinets tend to buckle under the strain of whatever fills the cabinet with a tendency to tip over when the drawers are being opened. This also affects the plastic wheels and their ability to move smoothly across a carpeted or tiled floor. Your best bet is to inspect each cabinet before you buy and do a bunch of comparative research online to find the best ones.
Plastic file cabinet on wheels example:

Plastic file cabinets on wheels pictured: Storex Wheeled Two-Drawer Filing Cabinet, 18 Inches, Light Grey (61301B01C)

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    I know what you mean, Fireproof file cabinets are also known commonly as fire proof files which are also similar to fire safes. They all mean one thing, namely are designed to protect your documents and valuable items from fire or intensive heat. Given the fact that 8.2 billion dollars are lost yearly on average due to fire hazards, it is important to have one at your office or home.
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