Pop open laundry hamper

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If you thought laundry hampers were just to be found in the home, think again. There are fold-able pop open laundry hampers that can be used whenever you go out of town for a few days or longer. Easily transportable and fold-able for storing in a car trunk or luggage, you can rest easier knowing that your family has someplace they can toss their dirty clothes when on vacation. Now if only there was a portable washer and dryer to take with you, you would be all set.
Pop open laundry hamper:

Pop open laundry hamper pictured: DAZZ Deluxe Pop-Up Hamper by ProMart. Color: black

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  1. I love the flexibility of pop up laundry hampers. I was given a pop up laundry hamper and utilized it during a vacation trip which kept all the dirty clothes separated from clean clothes. I enjoy the various types of laundry hampers for each bedroom to help organize laundry clothes and I like how they can add to the decor in the bedrooms.

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