Small office desk with drawers

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When starting a home based business, you don’t need those huge office desks that fill the corner office like we sometimes see on those Law type TV shows. Yet, you do need a desk for your computer, printer, phone and so on, plus some space to write or read on. So a good suggestion would be to buy a small office desk that can fit into any room or small den. And for that extra storage space, make sure that your office desk includes drawers at least on one side, if not both sides. This will maximize your storage potential and keep the paper clutter at bay.
Small office desk with drawers:

Small office desk with drawers pictured: No Tools Technique! Furinno Office Desk Study Computer Table with 3 Storage drawers, KM-DE020 by Furinno. Sold by Hot Sale PHX.

Tips on De-Cluttering Your Small Office Desk


Tips on De-Cluttering Your Small Office Desk

By Chris DuToit

If you use an office desk, you may be overwhelmed by the clutter that seems to overtake it. This is even truer when the desk is small. When you sit down to work, if you cannot even remember where you put things or what you are supposed to be doing next, then it is time to get organized. But where should you even start?

  • Equipment – Obviously, you will need your computer, printer, mouse, keyboard, and any extras that you use like speakers, scanner, or fax. If you do have these multiple items, it may be time to look into your budget and see if it can incorporate an all-in-one printer. You need your phone, paper, and pens. A laptop will eliminate the extra appendages that are necessary with a desktop if this is an option.
  • Odds and Ends – Do you need scotch tape, a stapler, notepads, etc. If you use these items regularly, then it can help to drop them into a basket or into drawers if your desk has them. It is okay to put up a couple of favorite pictures and the like as long as you match the frames. Little details like mismatched picture frames contribute to the feelings of clutter and disorganization.
  • Papers – Any papers that you must keep but do not utilize daily should be kept in filing cabinets or stacking trays. The stacking trays are also helpful in adding further organizational help by making them into in boxes, out boxes, and bills.
  • Folders – If you use folders to keep things together and organized by subjects or categories, then you should make a new rule to only have one on your desk at a time. This is the one that you need to be working on at the time.

Trash the rest. Get rid of the mail that is not important that you thought you might look at or need someday. Dried flowers and the like look junky and cluttered. Toss them or list them on Free-cycle. Little figurines and other knick knacks should be eliminated as well. These have nothing to do with your office or what you need to get done. They are distracting and not useful.

Put everything back where it goes at the end of every day. You should not let yourself leave the desk or your office until you put everything back in its designated area. This means that you will not get back into the rut of clutter and saving unnecessary items. You will also be ready to get right to work when you sit down the next day; there will be no more feelings of confusion or being overwhelmed.

Looking at your little cluttered desk right now may make you feel helpless. Start slowly, and using the tips above, you will be not only amazed at how quickly you can get a handle on these issues, but you will also wonder how you collected so much junk. The feeling is also likely to transfer to other areas of the house and get you motivated to cleaning them.

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