Clear acrylic dining chairs

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There’s something very modern, yet very retro about acrylic dining chairs. They look like something out of a late sixties science fiction movie. It’s a look that is very in vogue right now, focusing on white, silver, and transparency. Very elegant, clean and sleek. If that’s a look you may be exploring, then consider incorporating some clear acrylic dining chairs into your decor.
Clear acrylic dining chairs:
clear acrylic dining chairs image
Clear acrylic dining chairs example. Pictured: Acrylic Side Chair [Set of 2] Color: Clear, sold by Chintaly Imports.

Some of these chairs are made entirely out of acrylic, while others have metal legs.

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Acrylic dining chair

For a modern touch, as part of a contemporary styled dining room, acrylic chairs are a perfect choice. But they can also be integrated into a more traditional style room, making a bold contrast that can be quite striking. Ease of maintenance, and a light weight are also pluses that can’t be ignored. Do be aware however, that acrylic chairs tend to be designer items, and as such, may not be more expensive than their wood counterpart.
Acrylic dining chair:
Acrylic dining chair image
Acrylic dining chair example. Pictured: Baxton Studio Honeycomb Acrylic Modern Dining Chair, Set of 2.

Acrylic Waterfall Coffee Table

I must admit I had never heard of waterfall tables before. What could they possibly be? Tables with water in them? When I did a search for the term, I realized that the it refers to the rounded shape of the table’s edges. When you think about it, they resemble water flowing over a cliff, like in a waterfall. The transparent acrylic enhances this effect.
Acrylic Waterfall Coffee Table:

Acrylic Waterfall Coffee Table pictured: Baxton Studio Chiara Acrylic Coffee Table, Clear